We’ve all gotten the hint: Dad is done with ties. That’s fine and dandy, but it leaves a looming problem: What do we get him for Father’s Day?

It always seems as if Mother’s Day is simpler than Father’s Day, doesn’t it? Perhaps it’s because moms are more open about what they want — or they might just be better at pretending they like something that’s not their style! Regardless, it’s time to throw bad Father’s Day gifts overboard and start hunting for innovative treasures that dads honestly want.

Give an Experience
We’re not talking about a Red Lobster gift card or two tickets to the movies. It’s time to think beyond the obvious. Consider giving an experience he really won’t expect. Snag tickets to see his favorite band — across the county or the country. Or sign him up for a Canadian weekend hockey camp experience just for guys who want to get on the ice. Keep his interests in mind and do something surprising and truly special.

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Do His Chores
Forget taking out the trash or weeding the garden — that’s kid stuff. The kind of chores that will make his day are the tough ones he can’t seem to get around to, like finishing the drywall in the basement, putting new tile in the downstairs bathroom or pulling out those three dying arborvitaes from the side yard. Glamorous work? Heck, no! But it’ll give him loads of free time to do other things while you tackle some “to do” tasks.

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Throw a Picnic
When all else fails, fire up the grill and invite his best friends over for a cookout. Surprise him and make it a celebration. You don’t even have to give him anything as long as the steak tastes exactly the way he likes it. A party at your place won’t require anything from him except relaxation.

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There’s no sense in throwing in the towel this year and admitting defeat on Father’s Day. Try something different and gauge the response. You’ll know if it’s the winner you’ve been searching for!




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