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5 Best Coffee Shops in Camp Hill

Coffee Shops in Camp Hill

Coffee is a necessary part of many daily routines, and the traditional or seasonal flavors allow you to enjoy the brew in many ways. Whether you’re looking for a single cup of fuel or a sugary concoction, visiting local coffee shops provides a fun activity in peaceful, energizing scenery. If you’re new or looking for the best cup of joe, visit these local coffee shops in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

1. Cornerstone Coffeehouse

If you love art, make sure to visit the Cornerstone Coffeehouse on Market Street. Enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed drinks while appreciating the work of a local artist featured each month. 

Owners Sue and Al Pera opened the shop in 1994. They started the shop as the first specialty coffee shop in Central Pennsylvania, which is now one of the longest-lasting shops in the community.

Sip seasonal flavors, organic single-origin blends and Swiss Water Processed Decafs. The menu includes crafted americanos, cappuccinos, lattes and more. Each month features a menu with exciting specialty drinks — pair yours with vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free pastries like homemade scones, biscotti and espresso brownies. 

2. One Good Woman

For the finest coffee beans from around the world, visit One Good Woman in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. 

In 1996, Holly O’Conner started her business by delivering freshly roasted coffee to client homes. She opened her first shop in the basement of the Old Brough Building and later moved to its current location off Market Street. After O’Conner retired, longtime customers Michele Koch and Mechelle Webster fell in love with the place and bought it, serving the winning formula used since its opening.

Each bean roasts in 30-pound batches for cups of individual perfection. Choose from decadent flavors like Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble or Chocolate Truffle. Some regular options include creative names like Cabin Fever, Billionaire’s Blend and Bird Song. Visit to taste caffeinated or decaf ingredients gathered from travels to Guatemala, Indonesia, Columbia, Kenya, Brazil and more. 

3. Denim Coffee

Located 10 minutes from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, the Denim Coffee shop offers a trendy location to sip expressos at a live-edge wood window bar. Locals enjoy the clean, bright shop with rounded, light-blue brick architecture. 

Founder Matt Ramsay proudly crafts coffee with advanced technology and industrial science. He filters pure water in reverse osmosis before mixing in liquid minerals for the ideal specifications. Denim Coffee prepares fresh blends with machines like an Australian through-the-bar milk dispenser. 

The third shop opened in 2011, and Ramsay continues sharing his passion for computer-controlled coffee roasting. For an energy boost, select drinks from the espresso bar, or enjoy hand-poured or drip brews and cold beverages. View stunning views of downtown while drinking your morning or afternoon fuel.

4. Anna Rose Bakery & Coffee Shop

Treat yourself at Anna Rose Bakery & Coffee Shop during the week. Shop owner Kamionoka Rose opened the bakery in 2017 and named it in honor of his mother. Located just eight minutes from Camp Hill, the pink exterior adds a pop of color to North Second and Walnut streets. 

Enjoy your coffee and a pastry at the outdoor patio tables, or get your order to go in pink packaging. The shop offers expressos, lattes, cappuccinos, frappes and more. When you order your drink, you’ll smell the aroma of cakes, muffins, cookies and cupcakes with flowers, animals and swirled designs. Get caffeine on your way to work or with friends.

5. Little Amps Coffee Roasters

Visit Little Amps Coffee Roasters if you love a trendy spot with brick and industrial lamps. The owner, Aaron Carlson, initially pursued a music career in California. In 2011 he poured his passion into the local scene selling coffee and records.

Little Amps brews each roast daily. Sit back and listen to a record while sipping an espresso and tonic or americano. If you’d like a scenic view while you enjoy your coffee, take a stroll by the nearby Susquehanna River. You can also buy a blend of beans to take home!

Tour Homes Near Camp Hill Coffee Shops

A coffee shop generates comfort within a community. Many people bring their laptops or books and gather for events like poetry readings, first dates or catching up with friends.

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