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10 Practical Tips For Making Your Apartment Smell Better

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Think about every home you have been in — they each have their own smell, don’t they? The same applies to your apartment. At Triple Crown Corporation, we believe in providing renters with rental communities that are clean and well-maintained. We have some practical tips that you can use to transform your home’s smell. 

1. Understand the Root of Unpleasant Apartment Aromas

In apartments, various issues can create unpleasant aromas that can be overwhelming. By understanding the smells, you will be on your way to removing them. Let’s look at the typical culprits behind unpleasant odors:

  • Garbage: You might have a good garbage routine, but your home is close to neighbors. If they take time before taking out their trash, your home will also catch a whiff of these smells. 
  • Stale air: When moving into a new apartment, it might have a specific odor, especially if it has been empty for a while. The smells might be from fresh paint, glue and stagnant air. Another cause for stale air is if you have been away for an extended period. 
  • Neighbors: The smells from your neighbors can also travel to yours. From cooking smells to cigarettes, odors travel down hallways and under apartment doors.
  • Pets: You might love your pets (and how adorable they are), but they can get smelly. They might cause accidents in places where the odors stay for a while.

2. Air Freshening Techniques for Pet Owners

When managing pet odors in the home, ensure the cleaning agents and air fresheners are nontoxic for your furry friends. Vinegar is an effective solution, as it is a great natural cleaner that can help remove pet odors — especially if there are accidents, like urinating on furniture. Vinegar makes managing carpet smells easier, as all you have to do is spray it on the stain. After spraying, you can use a microfiber cloth to rub out the urine stain.

Make your pet-friendly spray if you want your apartment to smell better. Follow the steps below:

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a bowl with 30 drops of your favorite pet-safe essential oil using a fork.
  • Add the scented baking soda to a spray bottle with 2 cups of distilled water.
  • Spray the mixture onto fabric or fabric to remove odors.

3. Embrace Seasonal Scents for Your Apartment

Through the power of scent, you better tap into the season’s energy. Let’s look at how you can embrace seasonal scents: 

  • Spring: This is a season that’s associated with freshness. The best scents to add are those resembling flowers, freshly cut grass and citrus blossoms. Some scents you can invest in are white tea and jasmine. 
  • Summer: Relaxation and adventure are the words most envision when thinking about summer. Bring that energy to your apartment using scents like tropical fruits, ocean breezes and coconut. 
  • Autumn: The best season to tap into feelings of nostalgia is autumn. Add crisp apples, pumpkin and warm spice scents to create those feelings.
  • Winter: Winter is a time of enchantment and holiday cheer. You can create a cozy wonderland in your home by investing in cinnamon, winter spices and cranberry scents.

4. Enhance Well-Being Through the Psychology of Scent

Scents don’t have more than the power to make your apartment smell like paradise — they can also transform your mood. Why not lean into the research? Peppermint is your best friend if you’re tired and looking to energize, jasmine can be restful and lavender can help relax you. 

5. Get Rid of Moisture

Consider investing in a dehumidifier

Humidity can be the most significant contributor to odors in apartments. Consider investing in a dehumidifier. It absorbs the water in the air in your apartment, reducing the level of humidity you experience. If a dehumidifier is out of the question, moisture-absorbing products are a cost-effective solution you can consider. Place these products on surfaces to help collect moisture. 

6. Focus on Fixing the Sources of Smells 

Expensive candles, essential oils or incense work best for making your apartment smell amazing. These work well but only go so far if you don’t fix the issue’s root. Spend some time thinking about what might be causing the smells. For instance, if the problem is pet odor, scoop the litter and wash pet beds. If odors are due to garbage, take out the trash more frequently. You should also clean the inside of the trash can, especially the lid.  

7. Build a Foundation for Odor-Free Living 

The most effective odor removal techniques are about going to the basics. A great-smelling apartment is built on being proactive. This means you should have habits that ensure your home smells fresh and inoffensive. The first step is cleaning your carpet and rugs, as they can be the most significant contributor to odors. Regularly vacuuming is a great start. Use a vacuum with strong suction so it gets all the dirt and any pet hair out.

You should also clean your fridge from time to time. The refrigerator is prone to collecting smells from things like vegetables, leftovers and condiments. Throw away any food that starts to smell bad. Wipe the fridge with vinegar and warm water to eliminate bad smells.

8. Heat a Simmer Pot

If you want your home to smell amazing, heating a simmer pot is the best method. All you need is some cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans. Boil these ingredients, and your apartment will smell like a hearty baked treat before you know it. This trick works best when you have people over. Ensure that you have cinnamon rolls, though, if you want to avoid disappointed guests. 

9. Open the Windows

Sometimes, simple tricks work the best. Opening your windows is the best way to get rid of lingering odors. It helps as it brings fresh air in and filters unpleasant smells out. A little breeze and sunshine can also help uplift your mood and make the space feel homey.

10. Use Flowers or Foliage

Flowers are beautiful and make the space smell enticing. Consider plants like lilac, rose and gardenia to brighten a room’s aroma. Eucalyptus is also a great addition, especially in the shower. The heat from the water when showering will better activate the smell of the foliage.

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