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Make Your Own Haunted House

Make Your Own Haunted House

There is simply no holiday like Halloween. What other holiday invites you to scare your neighbors and complete strangers alike? None that we can think of, which is why Halloween stands in its own holiday category.

One way to instill fear in trick-or-treaters is to set up a haunted house. While you may think you’ll need to have a team of professionals create an experience that’s truly frightening, that’s simply not the case. You can make a haunted house on your own, and you can do it affordably.

Halloween Decorating Tips for a Haunted House

Here are some simple ideas to get your haunted house creativity flowing:

  1. Decorate Your Yard and Outdoor Space

You can set the stage for an unforgettable haunted house experience by doing some Halloween decorating in your yard. Try using motion-sensor decorations that will startle your visitors as they walk past them and play creepy music using your outdoor speakers. You might also shred some dark garbage bags and hang them from the trees on your lawn as well.

If you don’t have trees or a yard to really get the spookiness started, try placing some corn stalks by your front door. Put electric candles in your windows to prepare people for the horror that awaits them just beyond the entrance to your home.

  1. Divide and Conquer Your Haunted Area

If you’re only going to use one room for your haunted house, consider dividing the space in half by hanging sheets in the middle of the room. Decorate both sides of the room with scary items such as hanging bats, spiders and spider webs and motion-sensor decorations.

You’ll immediately have double the space to work with.

  1. Go Live

For maximum effect, have some of your good-natured friends dress up as scary characters and position them throughout the room. When someone gets near one of your motionless buddies, they can jump out at your visitor, scream or do something else that’s associated with the character they’re dressed as.

Having live Halloween characters is particularly effective at catching your guests off guard if you also use motion-activated decorations. While a thrill-seeker may have an idea about what to expect from a motion-sensor decoration, they’ll have no idea what a live Halloween character will do.

  1. Sit Outside Yourself

If you want to get into the spirit of the holiday but don’t want people in your home, consider dressing up as a scary character and sitting still on your front porch with a bowl of candy in your lap. Whenever someone approaches you to grab a treat, you can surprise them by moving or saying something suddenly.

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