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How to Freshen Up your Home Decor for Spring

Now that spring is officially here, it’s time to redecorate! Changing a few simple and inexpensive things can transform your entire room.

Redecorating for spring is all about using white and bright colors. For those who love color, this time of year can’t come fast enough! You are ready to put up bright yellow curtains and break out the teal and pink toss pillows. But if you prefer a more conservative color pallet, opt for white with punches of color in small details like toss pillows. No matter what your style—conservative or wild, you can follow these easy tips to get your house springtime ready.

Update to New Seasonal Toss Pillows

Updating your toss pillows is the easiest way to update your home for spring. Toss pillows are a designer’s best-kept secret. Pillows require little commitment to a new look. It’s not work intensive like changing paint or costly like buying a new couch. If you change your mind on your new style—just simply replace the pillows!
How to Freshen Up your Home Decor for Spring

Be bold and go for bright colors and patterns for a fun look. For a more sophisticated approach, use white and neutral pillows with just a pop of color. It will be unexpected and still classy!

How to Freshen Up your Home Decor for Spring

Spice Up Your Decor With New Accessories

You would be surprised at how much rearranging your existing decorations can change the feel of a room. Change around art, mirrors, picture frames, lamps, and furniture. Rearranging is a decorator’s idea of spring cleaning. Everyone needs a little change to keep a fresh perspective. It will keep things from becoming too predictable and stagnant.

Seasonal Shower Curtains

It’s easy to forget about updating the bathroom décor! But changing out a darker-colored shower curtain for a lighter, brighter one can change the entire bathroom for under $20. Matching decorative towels will complete your look.

Paint Your Walls Anew

Painting your walls a new color can be a perfect way to freshen up for spring! It is a relatively inexpensive way to liven up any room. If you are intimidated by painting a whole room, you can always opt to paint just an accent wall or paint a small decoration. An accent wall in a bright tint of your favorite color is perfect! If you are daring enough to paint the whole room select a softer color like light yellow.

Creating a Fruit Aesthetic

Decorating your kitchen with fresh colorful fruit like lemons, limes, and oranges is an easy (and tasty!) way to add color to your home. Filling a glass bowl with a variety of fruits is a functional way to decorate your kitchen table or counter.

Decorating With Flowers & Plants

Decorating for spring is all about reflecting the beauty outside of your home. One of our favorite ways to bring the beauty of spring indoors is to have foliage inside. Plants can fill an empty space in your room. And they add an organic dimension to an indoor space. Bonzai trees and terrariums are perfect for adding whimsy to small spaces!

And who doesn’t love fresh flowers? They add beauty and fragrance to your home. For a more permanent solution, silk flowers often look real and will never need replacing. (A little Febreze can even fake the fresh flower smell!)

Whether you’re on a budget or looking to overhaul your home—these simple tips will help you get ready for spring!