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Spring Wreath Ideas

It’s spring! This is a great time to update your door décor and brighten up the outside of your home. There are some great ways to freshen up the look of your home’s exterior. These are ideas to look for when buying a wreath or if you are feeling extra crafty, you can always make one!

Spring Wreath Ideas

Florals, Florals, Florals: One of the most common trends in spring wreaths are florals. Look at ideas online and get a sense of what you want and the look that you are going for. Do not be afraid to mix florals (an example of this would be a wreath consisting of many different kinds of flowers, not just one kind). Wreaths that have variation are very exciting and unique.

Succulents: One of the hottest trends in home décor are succulents. They create a modern/romantic/earthy feel. Target has recently come out with a beautiful artificial succulent wreath for Spring.

Bright Colors: The exciting thing about spring is that bright and cheerful colors are now in season! Take advantage of this to brighten up the exterior of your home! Try to get wreaths that contrast with the color of your door. For example, a yellow floral wreath looks great on a red door.

Ribbon: At the very top of your wreath (whether store bought or handmade), tie a beautiful colorful ribbon for a special touch. This looks great when the colors from the wreath are pulled in by the color of the ribbon or you can use a contrasting color ribbon.

Felt/Paper: You may be able to find paper or felt wreaths in stores, but these are also fairly easy to make. All of the supplies can be found at your local craft store. There are many videos and pictures of examples on the internet that can take you through how to make one. These are very unique and awesome to make and will be sure to turn heads!

We hope you enjoy either the mission to find the right spring wreath or the process of making a handmade wreath! Happy spring!