St. Patrick’s Day decorations are available in just about every store, but how can you find decorations to help you celebrate in style? Here are a few options:

1) Think Green.

Of course, green is the quintessential St. Patrick’s Day color. Green tablecloths, throw pillows, slipcovers, curtains and other decor items can help set the mood for the day. Unexpected pops of green on plates and on windows and lamps helps keep things interesting. For example, why not switch out some of your lights to green light bulbs so everything is cast in a soft green glow?

2) Bring in Some Plants.

Potted plants are great way to accentuate any home, but small pots of clovers look especially cute around St. Patrick’s Day. They are sustainable and make a perfect decor item.

3) Be Generous With Shamrocks.

Four-leaf and three-leaf clovers are a wonderful way to celebrate luck of the Irish. You can create them yourself from felt and cardboard paper or purchase ready-made shamrock decorations. These decorations can range from fun and festive to understated and elegant.

4) Celebrate Ireland.

You don’t have to be Irish to appreciate St. Patrick’s Day. Putting up maps of Ireland, setting out coffee table books about the country or trying some traditional Irish dishes can help your home look more festive and get you into the spirit of things. Try decorating with postcards from the Emerald Isle or pictures of St. Patrick to keep things different and avoid the leprechauns or the more frequently-seen St. Patrick’s Day novelty items.

Whether you want to celebrate with cartoon figures and lots of color or in a more understated way, it all starts with your home. If you’re looking for a rental home to celebrate major life milestones and holidays in, visit the options at Triple Crown Corporation.




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