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While it might not be your forever home, you certainly want to make your rental feel like home. But there are plenty of pitfalls to avoid when decorating a rental. Before planning your dream DIY makeover, review these dos and don’ts of decorating a rental:

Don’t Paint the Walls

Unless your walls are a crazy shade of burnt orange and it’s allowed in your lease, step away from the paint brush. Even if your landlord allows you to paint, they’ll often require you to undo your work before returning your security deposit. Trust us, it’s definitely not worth it.

Do Use Peel-and-Stick Décor

There’s no denying it: White walls are boring. Thankfully there’s a new temporary alternative for decorating a rental. From peel-and-stick wall tiles to wall decals, you can make your rental your own with RoomMates Décor. The best part? Everything can be safely removed when you leave.

Don’t Bust Your Budget

Every apartment you move into will have its quirks. You’ll want to find furniture and storage solutions that make the most of your space. But there’s no sense dropping a ton of money on something that won’t be necessary at the end of your lease term.

Do Buy Deeply Discounted

When decorating a rental, consider buying used. Channel your inner DIY maven by painting and rehabbing shabby pieces of furniture you find at garage sales, on CraigsList and at the Salvation Army. If you have to leave them behind when you move, your wallet won’t be too upset.

Most importantly, remember your unique style when decorating a rental. Your apartment should be a reflection of you!




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