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Apartment Wi-Fi Security – Secure Your Network

Apartment Wi-Fi Security – Secure Your Network

When you have your own home, you need Wi-Fi. With so many of our devices and pastimes relying on internet access, you need your own Wi-Fi network.

A concern for any Wi-Fi network, but especially in apartment complexes, is the security of your network. There are some people out there who will hop on other people’s network so they don’t have to pay for Wi-Fi themselves. This is really unfair to those actually paying for the service, and it can slow down the bandwidth of the network.

So, how secure is your Wi-Fi network? Below, we talk about a few measures you can take to strengthen your Wi-Fi security.

Secure Your Network

Once you install your system, it may not immediately prompt you to change the default name and password of the network. This really opens you up as a target to those looking for a network to jump onto.

Changing the name of your network makes it easy to identify on the list of available networks. When you live in an apartment complex, that list can be pretty long! The name of your network should be unique, but it also shouldn’t make it easy for your neighbors to tell that it’s yours.

The password for your network is even more important. Choose a unique phrase or combination of numbers, letters in both uppercase and lowercase, and special characters. If you need to, write down the password and stick it in a secure but easily accessible spot in your apartment.

Check Your Router

If you’re worried that people are using your Wi-Fi who shouldn’t be, you can check the devices on your network through your router. By typing in an IP address into any browser and logging in, it will tell you the names of the devices that are currently using the network.

While you’re going through the list of connected devices, it should give you straightforward names. Match every device on the list with the devices in your home. Those can include smartphones, gaming consoles, smart TVs, printers and tablets. Anything that connects to the internet.

If you see a device on the list that you can’t identify, you probably have an intruder. Luckily, you can delete the device from your network and even block it from connecting to the network in the future.

Hide Your SSID

Your SSID is the name of your Wi-Fi network. To give yourself extra security, you can even hide your network from showing up in the list of nearby networks. With so many different networks close by, a person looking to take advantage of someone else’s network won’t even realize that it should be there. For a really dedicated hacker, there is a way to easily reveal hidden networks. But that would take a really tech-savvy person.

When your network is secure, you know that you’re using all that you’re paying for. Outsiders using your network without your permission are taking advantage and slowing down your connection.

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