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Spruce up Your Holiday Dinner With an Amazing Tablescape

Spruce up Your Holiday Dinner With an Amazing Tablescape

A holiday tablescape holds the place of honor at your table, so of course you want to make sure your centerpiece looks amazing. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Tuck Decor Items Under a Bell Jar

Pinecones spray-painted gold and silver and covered in tinsel or some precious holiday ornaments from years past look great when they’re placed under an old-fashioned glass bell jar.

  1. Group Candles Together

Candles are always a classic holiday decor item. Arrange thick candles of different heights together on a silver or mirrored tray to reflect the light. This look never goes out of style.

  1. Use Lots of Greenery

Greenery is readily available at farmers markets and florists at this time of year. Place multiple branches in a vase, box or other container and arrange them until they look great. Use a thick ribbon in a rich color around the vase or container to give it an extra boost of color. You can also add lilies or other holiday plants to the centerpiece to add more visual interest.

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