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10 Tips for Paying Your Rent on Time

10 Tips for Paying Your Rent on Time

Depending on how long you’ve been a renter and how much experience you have with paying monthly bills, remembering to pay rent for your apartment or living space can be a hassle. And when you’re handling multiple invoices for the same period, it can be a challenge to remember specific due dates. Suddenly, the day comes, and you’re underprepared, rushing to submit your payment. Even worse, if you’re late, you could end up paying more in fees.

If you’re new to the rental process or want to stay organized, there are several ways you can make sure you keep track of payments and your landlord’s deadlines. This guide will provide you with 10 easy tips to pay your rent on time so you can decide which method works best for you.

Why Is It Important to Pay Rent on Time?

Settling rent bills before the due date comes around is beneficial for both you and your landlord. If you can create a system that ensures you pay on time, you’ll prevent a lot of headaches. Some of the reasons why being early or punctual is important are:

  • You’ll decrease stress: Being late on payments can cause stress for you and your landlord. They may have plans that rely on your rent coming in on time, or you might end up having to scramble to put together the money. By keeping to a regular schedule, you can make paying a more pleasant experience.
  • You won’t have to worry about added late fees: Depending on who manages the property you live in and what their policies are, you might rack up a hefty additional bill for being late. Fees can range anywhere from a fixed number to a daily charge and may kick in as early as the day after your rent is due. Whether or not your landlord is lenient, being on time means you can rest assured you won’t have to pay extra.
  • You’ll maintain a positive relationship with your landlord: One of the most significant factors that can affect your relationship with your property manager is rent deadlines. They rely on your collecting rent on time, and more than a few late checks or online submissions may become a point of contention. If you’re consistently on time, you create a stronger relationship, as they’ll know you’re a reliable tenant.
  • It’ll help you create a better mental schedule: While being on a consistent schedule with a single bill may not mean you’ll hit every other deadline in your life, it can help you create a better mental plan. By paying attention to rent due dates and fulfilling them early, you’ll be more aware of the passing weeks.

Tips for Paying Your Rent on Time

It’s an essential part of renting, but paying the bills can be a challenge for some. Even if you’re meeting the deadlines, there might be a better way to stay organized. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how to pay your rent on time, but these tips for paying rent may help you find a method that works long term:

1. Set Up Automatic Payments Online

One of the easiest ways to ensure you’re always paying rent on time is to remove the human error factor. Many landlords and property managers will allow you to set up automatic payments online, which moves the rent directly from your bank account to their designated payment account. This system guarantees you pay on time without having to remember deadlines. It’s best to set the transfer date for a few days before your rent is due, as it may require processing time.

There are multiple websites and personal finance apps that can help you set up auto-pay, or at least help manage finances. However, you’ll still need to monitor your account. For the payment to go through, your account needs to have enough to cover the rent and the minimum necessary to keep the checking account open. Conveniently, you can check a few days after the payment date to make sure it processed correctly and in full.

2. Ask Management to Auto Deduct Payments

If you don’t want to set up auto-pay online, you can also coordinate with your landlord. They’ll typically keep your credit or debit card information on file. With your permission, they may be willing to deduct the payments automatically each month, taking the responsibility out of your hands and putting it in theirs. Ask if they have a secure method of running the card and storing your information.

If they have a way to keep it safe and agree to deduct the payments automatically, you’re ready to go. But you should still check your account to manage the balance and make sure the landlord is taking the correct amount of money.

3. Organize Your System

10 Tips for Paying Your Rent on Time

A little organization can go a long way. Making your bills a priority is an excellent way to establish a sound financial foundation. Typically, rent is one of the most substantial and most regular expenses, meaning it comes before other smaller bills. If you create a system for taking care of all your bills on time, you’ll be more in tune with each deadline.

Keep all your invoices and bill notices in the same spot, either in a folder or on a shelf. If you pay primarily online, store them near your computer. If you prefer to mail checks, keep them with your checkbook, envelopes and stamps. If everything is together and organized, you’ll have better control over your due dates.

4. Create Electronic Reminders

Phones, computers and tablets are helpful tools when it comes to remembering deadlines and figuring out how to pay rent on time. Use the calendar or application of your choice and create one or two reminders for a few days before your rent is due. Make sure it pops up on your screen as a notification and has an associated sound.

If you tend to ignore or forget notifications quickly, set as many as you need. You can also schedule them to pop up at times when you are most likely at your desk or near your computer.

5. Create Physical Reminders

While digital reminders are an excellent tool, some people work better with physical notes. If you’re the type to handwrite reminders or to-do lists, leave some around your living space or work area to keep the rent deadline on your mind. Keeping a calendar on your wall with the due date marked may also help.

6. Enlist the Help of Others

As a backup effort, you can also ask friends, family or roommates to remind you of the date. You and your roommates can have a rent payment night each month to keep each other responsible. Your landlord may even be willing to send you monthly reminders by calling or sending a text or email. It can’t hurt to ask and might help you stay accountable.

7. Motivate Yourself With Late Fees

One of the most significant negatives of paying rent late is the potential to rack up fees. But you can use those charges as a motivational tool. The terms and conditions should be in your lease agreement. Find out how much extra your landlord charges for delayed payments and think of other ways you could spend that amount of money.

For a more direct form, you can create monetary consequences for paying late. For example, if you accumulate any fees, tell yourself you can’t eat out for the week or make any impulse purchases to make up for the additional expense.

8. Set Up a Dual Savings and Checking Account

While it’s best to pull money for your rent bills from your checking account, it’s just as important to have a connected savings account as well. If you don’t have enough in your checking to cover a rent bill, having an attached savings account with extra funds can prevent you from being late. The extra money will roll over and fill the difference if you overdraft. It’ll also remind you to move more funds into your checking.

9. Opt for Digital Payment Methods

In general, opting for digital methods of payment makes it easier to keep track of deadlines and ensure you’ve paid in full, even if you aren’t using automatic services. They’re also more reliable when you’re shooting for a specific due date. Paper checks and cash can end up lost in the mail, or your landlord could misplace them. By paying with a card or directly from your bank account, you can be sure you withdraw the correct amount, and you’ll have a digital receipt of every payment as proof.

10. Practice Positive Reinforcement

One of the most fun ways to pay your rent on time is to create a positive reinforcement system. Anytime you take care of a bill early or get your payment in by the deadline, treat yourself to something small. For example, you can go to a movie, have an at-home spa night or order out to eat. For a more direct consequence, you can bargain with yourself that you either pay the fees for a late rent submission or spend the same amount on something enjoyable.

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10 Tips for Paying Your Rent on Time

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