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How to Throw Most Memorable Dinner Party of the Season

How to Throw Most Memorable Dinner Party of the Season

As we transition from outdoor activities to indoor events, you do not need to be a seasoned event planner to throw some of the best dinner parties. Luckily, these upcoming seasons give us many excuses to have people over, such as football games, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other holiday parties. Party guests seem to quickly forget every item on the menu, how empty or packed the room was, or if the chicken had a little too much salt. But here are some of the details that will stick with your guests and will make your party a memorable one.

Ambiance: The environment you create for your party will be your guests’ first and last impression of the evening. Planning an appropriate party décor will set the mood for the rest of the night. Thankfully, this can look very different for each host, vary for every occasion and accommodate any type of budget. Here are some quick ideas on how to turn your house into the perfect dinner party venue:

  • Re-arrange furniture
  • Floral center pieces
  • Mood lighting
  • Setting the table
  • Place cards for your guests

Be present: There is nothing more awkward than a party where the host hides in the kitchen cooking and cleaning while the guests linger. It is important to find the balance between making sure your guest have what they need, while still allowing yourself to have a good time. Setting up food self-serve station and bar areas with cups and ice, will save your many unnecessary trips to the kitchen. Don’t be afraid to welcome help from your guests, and always keep in mind that your main role as a host is to spend quality time with your family and friends!