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Keeping Your Pipes Unfrozen in the Winter

Keeping Your Pipes Unfrozen in the Winter

In South Central Pennsylvania, winter is just about upon us. For homeowners, this means you’ll have to keep snow off your driveway, check your heating system to ensure it’s working well and monitor your water pipes to make sure they don’t freeze.

Frozen pipes are a nuisance and can cause serious damage to your home’s plumbing system if left untreated. It’s best to be proactive and do what you can to make sure ice doesn’t build up when the cold weather hits. Here are a few things you can do to avoid frozen pipes this winter:

  • Drain any water that’s backed up in exterior water delivery and/or retention systems. Turn off valves that supply water to these systems. This includes garden hoses, sprinklers and fountains.
  • Conduct a visual evaluation of your home’s plumbing system. If you find any pipes that aren’t wrapped in some form of insulation, you’ll want to purchase some. If you notice insulation that’s cracked or peeling, you’ll want to replace it. This type of insulation is easy to install — it generally wraps right around pipes and can help retain warmth to prevent ice.
  • Purchase pipe heating cables. You can install pipe heating cables for especially frigid winters in areas of your home that are particularly susceptible to frozen pipes.
  • Open a faucet ever so slightly to let it drip. Water that flows actively is far less likely to freeze than water that sits. Luckily, you’re not likely to add much to your water bill by practicing this method.

Maintaining unfrozen pipes can help you keep water flowing through the winter and prevent costly repair bills resulting from burst pipes. Follow these tips in your home this winter, and you’ll keep your plumbing system safe and functioning well for the entire season.