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20 Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

20 Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

Fall is such a fun time of year, between the colorful leaves dancing in the air to the warm, cozy sweaters and blankets. As you sit sipping on your favorite drink in your apartment, you may decide you want to get festive and decorate your living space. Celebrate this exciting season with these fall apartment decorating ideas.

1. Choose a Theme

You can get creative with your decor by focusing on a particular aspect of the autumn season. If you enjoy Halloween, decorate with long candlesticks, ghosts, bats and pumpkins. If you like fall colors, such as burnt orange or forest green, you can include these in your design. Include subtle accents and dim lighting if you’re going for more of a minimalist approach.

No matter what theme you pick, remember to keep it simple so that your living space stays open and welcoming.

2. Soften Your Palette

Instead of using coastal colors from the summer or bright red and green from the holiday season, your goal should be to set up a cozy, relaxing atmosphere with muted, neutral and earthy tones.

Use botanical accent colors, such as green, orange and purple, to set the stage for your cozy fall apartment. You may also want to include black, a timeless option that matches any color palette you decide to use in your living space. Invest in copper cookware, dishware, utensils or other decorative elements and put them on display for a traditional design throughout your home.

3. Get Creative With Autumn-Themed Accents

Look around your apartment and figure out ways to incorporate the decorative elements of the fall season. Besides the ever-popular pumpkin decor, you can use candles, florals and fall-themed artwork. If you want to create art pieces of your own, you can do something as simple as gluing a collection of leaves to a canvas.

Try your hand at some vintage style décor to let your creative side shine through. No matter your budget or apartment size, you can make your living space look exactly how you want with some simple fall accessories.

4. Hang Up a Festive Wreath

20 Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

While wreaths are most popular during Christmastime, you can also use them to decorate for fall. Your festive wreath will be your first impression when you return home. Either buy one or make it yourself with crisp fall colors and autumn botanicals around a gold macramé hoop. Besides hanging a wreath on your front door, you can also display these decorations on a homemade banner or up on a wall, bookcase, mantel or table.

Choose from various wreath design styles, such as French country, rustic or minimalist, to match your apartment’s aesthetic.

5. Set the Mood With Candles and Lanterns

Candles and mood lighting set the tone for your autumn-themed apartment. As the sun begins to set earlier in the day, make your home warm and inviting with oxblood or cranberry candles. Lanterns and candles go well with pumpkins or leafy sprigs to create a delightful centerpiece for the table or decoration for the mantel above the fireplace.

If your lease agreement doesn’t allow you to light candles, you can use tea lights or flameless candles throughout your living space. Rustic lanterns, in particular, can enhance the aesthetic of your urban apartment and get you in the mood for this relaxing, cozy season.

6. Spice Up Your Home’s Smell

To decorate your apartment for fall completely, make sure it looks and smells like the season. Candles, essential oil diffusers, air fresheners and wax warmers are some ways to add a unique fragrance to the autumn-themed atmosphere. Another way to add a fall scent to your apartment is to simmer a pot of cloves, cinnamon and oranges.

Pumpkin spice, mahogany and cinnamon are perfect aromas to get your home in the fall mood. You may also appreciate earthy smells, such as evergreen, cedar and sandalwood, or sugary ones like vanilla, butterscotch and pomegranate.

7. Fill Your Home With Fall Flowers

Even though pumpkins are the traditional decor element of the season, you can also style your home with fall flowers and autumn-themed bouquets. You can go to your local florist or home improvement store to pick up some potted fall flowers and foliage to put on your balcony or patio or inside your living space.

Decorate with mums, hydrangeas, eucalyptus or sunflowers to heighten your home’s appearance. You could also decorate with faux flowers if you don’t feel like keeping up with watering them throughout the season. These flowers will last longer, and you can find ones that look almost exactly like their real counterparts.

8. Change Out Your Pillows

You can also get your apartment ready for the fall season with decorative pillows. As you look for new ones to put on your sofas, chairs or mattresses, choose fabrics with fall prints or colors like maroon, orange, green, brown or yellow to reflect the natural beauty of fall foliage.

You can also make pillow covers yourself for an easy, budget-friendly upgrade to your upholstery. Sewing fall covers may even inspire you to make ones for every season to save your pillows.

9. Find Ways to Bring Pumpkins Into Your Decor

20 Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

Pumpkins are popular during autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving. No matter what your fall design theme, pumpkins are sure to fit. This vegetable comes in many shapes and sizes. so you are sure to find the right decorative element for your living space. Just visit your local farmers’ market or supermarket for a fresh one, or get a fake pumpkin online or at a department store.

Most people are familiar with the traditional carved pumpkin outside on the front step. However, there are many color and size options now, so you can put them anywhere, even indoors. You could also paint pumpkins for another fun DIY project.

10. Fill Your Vases and Containers

You can infuse some autumn elements into your home decor by filling vases and apothecary canisters with mini pumpkins, acorns and other fall vegetables and foliage. Consider coordinating with the color of each item, or make a unique contrast with an eclectic bend of fall favorites. It only takes a few minutes to make one of these canisters, and you don’t need a lot of artistic skill to ensure it fits with your home’s design.

You could also use wicker baskets or decorative bowls to hold your blend of pumpkins, acorns and leaves. This filled container could be beneficial for a centerpiece or a decorative element to any part of your apartment.

11. Decorate With Fun, Fall Vegetables

As the fall season approaches, you’ll start to notice fall squash at grocery stores. You can put these vegetables on your coffee table or windowsill as a decorative centerpiece. Consider putting mini decorative gourds in a bowl with acorns, complete with candlesticks next to the bowl. You could also get cute faux vegetables that’ll last for many years, so you don’t have to keep buying them.

Faux vegetables come in various color options to match your design palette. Maybe having these decorations around your apartment will inspire you to cook some yummy fall dishes to share with your loved ones.

12. Design the Outside

Decorating your apartment for fall doesn’t have to stay inside. Besides putting pumpkins outside and hanging a wreath on your front door, you can also put out a comfortable chair so you can enjoy a steaming beverage and soak in the beauty of nature. You may also want to place some fall foliage, such as potted mums or dried corn stalks, around your front door. You’ll love coming home to this exciting setup.

13. Give a Warm Welcome to Your Guests

If you only have an indoor entrance or a small front step, you can create a warm welcome with an inviting entryway. Put out a fall-themed welcome mat, such as one with a cute saying that displays your personality and how you feel about this time of year. Take any of the decorations you would’ve put on the front step and make a little arrangement in the corner of your front entry.

As you or your guests open the door to your apartment, greet them with word art on the wall encouraging them to get cozy and enjoy the autumn. You may even want to put a banner in your entryway to welcome fall into your living space.

14. Set Up a Cozy Station

As the weather gets colder, you’ll want to have a place in your apartment where you can relax. You can set up a little nook with fall botanicals, soft throw blankets and a plush rug. Use neutral colors to fit in with your home’s design palette as you create a place for you to unwind.

Embrace this season of sweater weather as you snuggle under a thick blanket and indulge in your warm beverage of choice. Consider decorating a sofa or bench with a decorative blanket to add to the coziness.

15. Add Warmth to Your Fireplace

20 Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

As the focal point of your living space, the fireplace should be welcoming. If you have a mantelpiece, you can decorate it with real or fake fall foliage, pumpkins, and other decorations. Otherwise, you can arrange fall decorations around the fireplace, keeping fire safety in mind.

You can make your mantel cozier with a warm banner or a sign with inspirational quotes. If you rarely start a fire, you can fill your fireplace with colorful gourds. You could also go traditional and, even if you can’t use them to light a fire, put some logs in a decorative rustic pail. If you don’t have a fireplace, consider getting a faux option to put on a wall for effect.

16. Place Warm Blankets Around Your Living Room

Blankets serve the double purpose of keeping you warm and getting your living space festive for the fall season. Aside from setting up a cozy station in a small corner of your apartment, you can also leave a few blankets around your living room for you or your guests to use. Stack a few blankets in the corner to bring some color into your home.

Blankets come in many different fall-themed colors and patterns to help complement your overall theme.

17. Dress Up Your Dining Room Table

If you plan on hosting a small gathering for the upcoming fall holidays, you may want to make your dining room table more festive for the occasion. Put a plaid or earth-toned tablecloth over your kitchen table and complete the look with a fall centerpiece.

Make your centerpiece as big or small as you want, depending on your dining room table’s size and how much space you need for plates, food and drinks. You can buy a centerpiece from the store or make your own with some squash, pumpkins, gourds, flowers or pine cones. You can also have a candle or tealight in the middle for a cozy focal point.

18. Upgrade Your Drink Station

If you often host parties, you can get a bar cart for cocktails and spray paint it gold. Decorate it for the fall season with autumn branches and flowers, such as eucalyptus or dahlias. Put a cute sign on one of the shelves encouraging everyone to have fun at this time of year.

If you’re more of a pumpkin spice lattes and chai tea person, you can turn your bar cart into a coffee or tea station. Put all the utensils you need to get your morning beverage ready in one easy-to-access spot. Even when you aren’t hosting a party, this drink station can liven up a corner of your apartment.

19. Brighten Up Your Bathroom With Fall Elements

With subtle accents and a bit of creativity, you can decorate your bathroom for the fall. Swap out your hand towels and floor mats for ones with solid fall colors, such as burnt orange or forest green, or find options with harvest-inspired patterns. Shower curtains and rugs are fun ways to bring fall-themed decorations into this room, too. You can also use soap with a fall-inspired scent, such as cinnamon or pumpkin spice, to make your bathroom more festive.

If you have room around your sink, you can make an arrangement with pumpkins, tea lights and other decorations to brighten your mood as you get ready in the morning.

20. Add Fall-Themed Decor to Your Bedroom

20 Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

Your bedroom is where you go to relax on your own. Since you spend at least eight hours a day in this room, you should make an autumn-themed oasis with new bedding for the season. Get a plaid or solid-colored bedspread, duvet or comforter. You can find different bedding options with colors and textures that complement your living space’s fall design. Complete your bedroom’s look with pillows and throw blankets for a cozy place to snuggle at the end of the day.

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