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Brighten Up Your Home for Summer

After the wicked winter and soggy spring we have endured, it is not hard to presume that most people are greeting summer with open arms and happy hearts! With the passing of Memorial Day we have unofficially entered the summer season! Now you’re thinking of summer projects, both big and small. Wondering what you can do to brighten up your home this summer? Perhaps you’re considering taking on a painting project or a renovation. Maybe you’re not looking for an undertaking of quite that size but instead, you just want to do some quick fixes to warmly welcome summer. Either way, we’ve got some tips for you!

Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

Brighten Up Your Home for Summer

Something as simple as hanging a mirror or adding a house plant can help a room feel brighter. Also, if you have noticed a living space feels uninviting and dreary – consider rearranging the furniture, often times this can bring new life to an old space. If you have a garden, invest in a brightly colored vase and harvest your fresh flowers periodically throughout the summer for inside your home, the smell and sight of the flowers will help brighten your mood and your perception of the space you’re in. If you don’t have a garden, it’s okay to visit a local farmers market periodically throughout the season for fresh flowers- it’s worth it!

Sometimes Brighten Up Means Lighten Up

A room that is too cramped with furniture and decor can often feel very small and darker than it actually is, especially if the furniture is dark in color. Experiment by removing a piece of furniture and/or some of the décor and see if that helps brighten things up. If that doesn’t work, contemplate if the furniture in the space is just too large for that particular space, if this is the case – perhaps smaller pieces would be better suited for your space. You’ve heard the old adage, less is more!

Paint Your Place a New Color

Putting a fresh coat of paint on any room is a great way to brighten up a space. This can be a big undertaking depending on the size of the room, especially if you’re doing it all by yourself but the results are typically well worth the effort if it is done correctly. Do yourself a favor and keep the psychology of color in mind, don’t let it dictate your choices entirely but do consider it! Keep in mind that each color is said to evoke different emotions and behaviors and use that information to your advantage.

Let the Sunlight In

Have your curtains seen better days? Perhaps they are dark and dreary or maybe they are light in color but dingy from age, either way you know if it’s time for an update. New curtains can be an investment but you might be surprised at how different this change can make an entire room feel. Go for something light in color, or if you can get away with it maybe try hanging some sheer curtains up in their place. While it’s true sheer curtains will do little for privacy – they will certainly let in more light which will literally brighten up your space!