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Best Apartment Dogs

If you live in an apartment but want to adopt a pet, size matters. Big dogs with loud barks can easily violate lease agreements, annoy neighbors and lead to an unhappy living situation for both you and your pup.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have an animal companion, though. According to one survey, 75 percent of renters said they own a pet. That’s a lot of apartment-dwellers enjoying the benefits of a furry friend. Instead, you should research before you adopt to determine which dog breed is best suited for your lifestyle. So what dog breeds are good for apartments? Here are a few.

Best Apartment Dogs

1. Bichon Frise

Size: 6-11 pounds

Even at its largest, the bichon frise is a small dog that can do well in an apartment environment. They don’t need much exercise compared to larger breeds and can thrive in a small space. What’s great about this breed is they shed very little, making them ideal for those with pet allergies. This playful pup is also very smart, so you’ll have to invest in lots of treats for training.

2. Boston Terrier

Size: 10-25 pounds

If you’re looking for a dog breed that can live well in an apartment, consider the Boston terrier. With a shorter coat, they’re less prone to shedding and easier to clean up after. Lively yet amusing, these gentle creatures are known for staying calm, perfect for a city or urban environment with lots of strange people and noises.

3. Bulldog

Size: 40-55 pounds

Despite their stocky frames, bulldogs actually have a reputation among owners as lazy teddy bears. While they require some exercise, a couple of brisk walks around the block will do the trick. Their size makes them a great apartment dog, as they have enough muscle to make you feel protected while also fitting easily into a compact space.

4. Chihuahua

Size: 3-7 pounds

The chihuahua makes a great apartment dog because of its small size, topping out at a max of 7 pounds. Even at its heaviest, a chihuahua is easy to pick up and carry around, ideal for a city setting and those who rely on walking and public transportation. These dogs don’t need much exercise, but they do love being close to their owners, perfect for those living in tight quarters.

5. Chinese Crested

Size: 5-12 pounds

If you want to be the star of your apartment complex — and gain a new loyal friend — consider adopting a Chinese crested. There are two varieties, the ones covered in a silky coat and the hairless pups with tufts of fuzz at the head, feet and tail. This breed is known to be hypoallergenic, perfect for those who suffer from pet allergies. Just be careful to keep their skin protected from the sun, as it can get burned similar to yours.

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6. Dachshund

Size: 16-33 pounds

The smallest variety of hound dogs, dachshunds are known for their peculiarly long bodies and tiny legs. Not only are these dogs cute, but they’re also extremely playful and lively, known for bringing joy into any type of home. Their little legs mean they can get all the exercise they need indoors, including a smaller apartment space.

7. French Bulldog

Size: 16 -28 pounds

Originally bred in England, French bulldogs are compact and don’t require much exercise, making them an excellent breed for apartment living. While Frenchies love to play, they rarely bark, meaning they won’t bother neighbors while indoors. They also thrive on human contact, so they’ll enjoy being near their owner at all times.

8. Maltese

Size: 6-9 pounds

The Maltese has been one of man’s favorite companions for over 2,000 years. Small and fluffy like a favorite teddy bear, it’s not hard to see why. While these dogs have long hair, they have no undercoat, meaning they shed infrequently and are easy to clean up after. These are good dog breeds for apartments because they love to be close and affectionate with owners.

9. Miniature Pinscher

Size: 7-11 pounds

Similar to a Doberman, miniature pinschers are small, confident and energetic dogs. Their small size means they can get all the exercise they need indoors, making them well-suited for apartment life. These pups, also referred to as min pins, can be distrustful of strangers — a good quality when looking for a trusted watchdog. You should be cautious around small children, however, as they are known for being too rough for this breed.

10. Pug

Size: 14-18 pounds

Are you looking for a mischievous apartment roommate who loves snacks and nap time just as much as you? Then pugs, originally bred to be companions to royalty, may be a good option for you. Pugs are small and typically low-maintenance. Be cautious if you live in an extreme climate, however, as pugs can have more difficulty breathing in harsh conditions.

11. Shih Tzu

Size: 8-18 pounds

Often referred to as little lion dogs, Shih Tzus are a great breed for sharing your smaller space. They offer everything you could want in an apartment companion, known for being calm and friendly around strangers, children and even other pets. They’re also bred to be affectionate, preferring to stay close to their owners and sit on their laps.

12. Yorkshire Terrier

Size: 4-9 pounds

Yorkshire terriers, often called Yorkies, are very tiny dogs, making them perfect for smaller living spaces. While these dogs need some exercise, they can easily play and stay active indoors. They’re also known for being extremely friendly and affectionate, especially with owners. Be aware that Yorkies are often distrustful of strangers, apt to bark when someone knocks on the door.

The Best Apartment Dogs

Remember, dogs are individuals with unique needs. Always do your research before adopting to make sure the breed is well-suited for your lifestyle. There are plenty of dogs that do well in apartments. From pugs to chihuahuas, you’ll easily find a loyal companion who enjoys apartment living as much as you do.

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