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Apartment Security Tips

Whether you live by yourself or with others, apartment security is likely something you consider. Staying safe is essential to feel fully comfortable at home.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to stay safer in your apartment:

1) Choose Your Apartment Carefully.

Always research your homes before you rent. Look for safe neighborhoods, good security features and a professional management company or owner who cares about security.

Safe common areas mean safer homes, so look for well-maintained properties.

2) Lock Your Doors.

When you’re home, lock your doors. You may also wish to ask your property management company whether you can install a deadbolt lock if you want extra security.

If you’re just moving in, you may also want to ask to have your locks replaced. That way, if previous tenants gave their keys to others, you don’t have to worry about anyone having access to your door.

3) Secure Sliding Patio Doors.

A simple bar in the sliding portion of the door can help prevent anyone from entering from the outside.

4) Use Extra Caution With Windows If You Are on a Fire Escape or Lower Floors.

Make sure your doors are locked or have barriers for sliding doors to prevent anyone from opening them from the outside. Security bars provide the highest level of security. Today, you can buy decorative bars that look more like lattices than security features.

If you’re searching for a secure home, look for a quality professional management firm. A good professional management company offers security features as well as properties that are carefully managed for safety and comfort.

At Triple Crown Corporation, we take apartment security seriously and remain fully committed to providing safe and well-maintained homes. Take a look at our available home options today.