Decorate for St Patty's DayMarch 17th is just around the corner! If you want to decorate your home for the occasion, we have some simple ideas for fun St. Patrick’s Day decorations:

1) Go green.

Green is the popular Irish color associated with St. Patrick’s Day and it’s easy to add to your home. Toss some green slipcovers on your chairs and furniture, drape a green tablecloth over your table and add a few green throws for an instant infusion of holiday spirit.

2) Bring in the luck of the shamrock.

The three-leaf clover is a quintessential piece of any St. Patrick’s Day decorations, but you don’t have to buy expensive decorations yourself. Stock up on felt and paper, and cut out your own shamrocks. You can put them into a vase for a St. Patrick’s Day-inspired bouquet, arrange them on a side table or tuck them behind photos.

3) Add a little life.

Spring is a great time to bring some flora into your home. For St. Patrick’s Day, you can plant or buy some clover. Clover is hardy and pretty, making it perfect for cheering up your home. Plant your own in a pot, and take the festive spirit one step further by painting the pot green.

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