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How to Decorate Your Home for St. Patrick’s Day

How to Decorate Your Home for St. Patrick’s Day

As the months tick over into March and your winter decor starts to come down, it’s time to look to St. Patrick’s Day. This fun holiday is marked by a celebration of all things Irish, including beer, leprechauns and rainbows. Whether you’re decorating a small studio apartment or a three-story house, we’ve got easy St. Patrick’s Day decoration ideas to make your guests green with envy.

18 Easy St. Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas

Decorating your home for St. Patrick’s Day is a great way to get yourself in the holiday spirit. Here are some ideas for DIY St. Patrick’s Day decor as well as decorations you can buy from the store and put up in your home.

1. Go Green

Of course, you have to add some of that quintessential green for St. Patrick’s Day. Add some green slipcovers on your furniture, set up a green tablecloth on your table and toss some green throws and pillows on your couch for an easy and quick holiday vibe. A bright St. Paddy’s Day green will pop on plates, windows, lamps and more to keep things interesting. Try swapping out your regular lightbulbs to green ones, giving a nice colorful glow to the room.

2. Plants for St. Patrick

While plants are always an excellent way to accentuate and bring health benefits to your home, St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse for it. Small pots of clovers look especially cute this time of year. They’re sustainable, hardy and fit with the theme. Plus, you can do one better and decorate the pots. Classic green and gold are great options, along with glitter accents.

3. Shamrocks Everywhere!

You can’t have a list of St. Patricks Day decorations without shamrocks. These lucky three-leaf clovers are a simple symbol that represents the holiday. You can hit a dollar store for plenty of low-cost shamrock decorations, like wall shapes, garland, stickers and confetti, or you can make your own. Grab some felt or paper and a pair of scissors, and you’re already halfway there. Once you’ve made your shamrocks, you can use them in any number of ways. Put them in a vase, arrange them on a side table or tuck them behind photos. You can also use them in some of the DIY St. Patricks’ Day decorations on this list.

4. Celebrate Ireland

You don’t have to be Irish to appreciate St. Patrick’s Day. Putting up maps of Ireland, setting out coffee table books about the country or trying some traditional Irish dishes can help your home look more festive and get you into the spirit of things. Try decorating with postcards from the Emerald Isle or pictures of St. Patrick to add some uniqueness to your decor.

5. Gold Vase

Clear a spot on a table to hold a sparkly gold vase that any self-respecting leprechaun would love.

6. Rainbow Doormat

Add a pop of color to your entryway with a bright rainbow at the base of your door. You can find these online or make one yourself with a plain brown doormat and some paint. Cut out the doormat in a semicircle, with a smaller semicircle cut from the bottom so it looks like a rainbow. Then, paint stripes of color across it, and voila!

7. Necklaces

This one’s easy. Grab some beaded necklaces from the party store and lay them around your home. Try putting them in overflowing jars or on the table as party favors for your guests.

8. Gold Mason Jars

Spray painting a few mason jars gold gives you a simple but classy St. Patrick’s Day decoration. You can add some gold sparkles or a shamrock for even more festivity. Fill them with flowers, shamrocks or gold candies.

9. Shamrock Napkin Rings

How to Decorate Your Home for St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re throwing a party, shamrock napkins rings add the perfect pop of color to the table. They’re also cute to keep around, regardless of your party plans. Using photo paper, ribbon and rhinestones, you can keep your napkins wrapped up neatly and festively.

10. Centerpieces

You have a lot of options for centerpieces when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day decorations. Find a large clear vase or wide-mouthed candleholder that leaves space between the wall and your candle. Fill the vase with candies, like green candies or gold-wrapped chocolate coins, along with fake flowers, branches or even a bundle of string lights. To keep things subtle and classy with a glass candleholder, surround your candle with split peas for a soft, pastel green.

11. Pot O’ Gold

Take a simple terracotta flowerpot and spray paint it black with a gold accent. You can paint a gold shamrock or add a band around the top section. Fill it with gold-wrapped candies like chocolate coins and you’ve got yourself a lovely pot o’ gold for the holiday.

12. Tree Vase

For a natural touch, toss a few branches in a tall glass vase and decorate it. Hang shamrocks from the twigs, wrap the vase in garland or put some stickers on it. You can even fill the vase with candies or rocks.

13. Shamrock Shadowbox

Here’s another DIY that uses a shadowbox to great effect. You could also buy one from a craft store and fill it up yourself. Fill the box with fabric or paper shamrocks and use either paint or adhesive vinyl to add some text to the front, like “Feelin’ Lucky.”

14. Irish Flag Mason Jars

Another mason jar project, this one celebrates Ireland. Block off sections of your jar with painter’s tape and make three large stripes of orange, white and green going across the jar. Aside from flowers and candies, you can also fill the jars with things like silverware or straws if you’re hosting a party.

15. Easy Tassel Garland

Spice up your walls with a little DIY garland. Grab some twine or ribbon and some varied gold and green fabric scraps. Use a few with patterns for some variety, and cut them all up into strips. Fold each strip in half and lay it under the twine. Pull the two ends of the fabric through the loop that forms in the other side and tighten. Continue down your twine until you’ve reached your desired length. Then, hang it up on your wall for a simple, colorful piece of decor.

16. St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

How to Decorate Your Home for St. Patrick’s Day

This super cute wreath is made of plain yarn, a pool noodle and foam shamrock cutouts. Follow the tutorial for a pretty wreath you won’t want to take off your door.

17. Rainbow Flower Pots

Keep the color going by painting flower pots. You could paint them with rainbow stripes or paint each pot a different color. Arrange them on a table and fill with clovers, candies or paper shamrocks. Sprinkle some gold coins around them for that pot of gold.

18. Green String Lights

Lights can do wonders for the ambiance of an apartment, and holiday themes are no different. Grab some green or shamrock-shaped lights to string up around your home to brighten up the place.

Tips for Decorating in Small Spaces

If you rent, you could be dealing with a small apartment space that makes decorating difficult. Fortunately, a small space doesn’t prevent beautiful decor. Here are a few of our best tips:

  • Use your wall space. You might not have much floor or table space to work with, so go vertical. Fill up your walls with garlands, shamrock shapes and lights.
  • Lean into bright colors. Since St. Patrick’s Day and many other holidays involve bright colors, you can make your seasonal decorations pop.
  • Take advantage of reusable decor. To minimize storage for out-of-season pieces, try using items like smart lights that change color, glass vases that you can fill with holiday-colored pieces and metallics that go with everything.

Decor for Any Home

Decorating your home is a wonderful way to get in the holiday spirit. Whether you’re budget-conscious, working with picky roommates or ready to go all-out with the DIY decor, we’ve got plenty more tips and tricks to share. Check out our crafts and resources section for more information and ideas to make your home the talk of all your guests.