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Top Five Tips for Sharing a Space With a Roommate

Top Five Tips for Sharing a Space With a Roommate

Living with a roommate can help you meet new people, save money and prepare you for living on your own. To make your roommate experience as successful as possible, it’s important to learn how to share an apartment.

Whether you are best friends or just met, you want to make living with each other a positive experience so your home is a comfortable, happy place.

To help, here are our top five tips for living with a roommate.

1. Talk About Your Plans for the Apartment

Share your expectations for the apartment — do you expect quiet during the day? Or regular noise such as young children or parties? Establishing this expectation is critical for a positive experience. It’s also a good idea to talk about any guests that may come into the apartment, and for how long they will typically stay.

2. Keep Each Room Organized

Sharing a small apartment space with a roommate can be tricky. Use the following organization techniques to make the most out of your space:

  • Prevent clutter in the entryway: Place hooks for keys and baskets for mail on the wall. Use a rack or cubby to hold shoes.
  • Keep the bathroom neat: Use hooks and bars for towels. Keep toiletries in the cupboards or a basket.
  • Use all the space in your kitchen: Install shelves and hooks on the walls to hang items. Nest items in the cupboards to create more space.

If you share a bedroom with your roommate, determine who gets what area of the room. Divide up any drawer and closet space evenly.

3. Establish Boundaries

Talk to your roommate about which items you are okay with sharing and which items you do not want to share. Make a list together and post it in a highly visible place, like the fridge. The list should include items like food, toiletries and any personal belongings in common areas. If you have any food allergies, take this opportunity to let your roommate know to avoid cross-contamination.

It’s also important to establish boundaries so you can have privacy and time for yourself. Talk about your daily schedules, including what time you typically go to your room for the evening. Be respectful of each other’s personal space.

4. Divide Up the Chores Evenly

It’s important to discuss your expectations for chores. Create a list or chart detailing who is responsible for which chore and when it should be completed. Make sure to specify what each chore involves so there is no miscommunication. Respect your roommate by striving to complete your chores on time.

5. Talk About Any Challenges

When sharing an apartment space, problems and misunderstandings will arise from time to time. Becoming resentful or angry will only worsen the situation. Talk to your roommate about the issue maturely, respectfully and as soon as possible. Be willing to compromise to make your home enjoyable for both of you.

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