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DIY Thankful Thanksgiving Decorations

DIY Thankful Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving may bring with it special holiday sales, turkey recipes and lots of cranberries, but at the heart of the season is gratitude. The décor you choose for this holiday can help you give thanks for all you have. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Create a Gratitude Calendar for a Full Month of Thankfulness

Why give thanks only on Thanksgiving when you can give gratitude all season long? Buy a large calendar at your local office store and decorate it with Thanksgiving and autumnal pictures and stickers, such as leaves and turkeys. Attach a pen on a string to the calendar. Each day, write down something you’re thankful for. On Thanksgiving or at specific times during the holiday season, read back everything you’re grateful for.

2. Create a Chalkboard Space to Give Thanks

Buy chalkboard paper and create placemats or a runner on your table, or place a chalkboard in part of your home and hand out chalk. Encourage everyone who visits you to list what they are thankful for and be sure to contribute your own gratitude ideas each day.

3. Create a Thank You Tree

Place a bare branch or group of branches in a vase. Each day or each week, attach a pretty tag to a branch. This tag should contain a written note about something you’re grateful for. Use attractive ribbon to hang each tag. You can also buy a larger branch and attach thank you notes to each branch with a ribbon.

4. Create a Gratitude Card Station.

On a coffee table or side table, gather a group of pretty thank you notes, postcards and holiday cards. Each day, write a note to someone you are thankful for. Tell them exactly why you’re grateful to have them in your life and send the card that same day. Keep a stack of stamps nearby so it’s easy to grab a card on your way out the door.

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