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DIY Snowglobe and Sweater Knit Pillows

Enjoy some quality time with your family over the holidays by getting crafty and make some unique and inexpensive winter decorations for your home. Follow our simple instructions for easy, handmade decorations that will brighten any room this winter!

DIY Snowglobe and Sweater Knit Pillows

Making Your Snowglobes
1. You will need glass jars of varying sizes, decorations to put inside, artificial snow and a hot glue gun. You can also buy some spray paint if you would like to decorate the outside of the jar too.

2. Remove the lid and spray paint or cover in glitter.

3. Turn the lid upside down and glue your ornaments to the inside of the lid.

4. Fill the jars around ¼ full with artificial snow, then screw the lids back on.

5. Turn over the jars so that the lid becomes the base and you are finished!

DIY Snowglobe and Sweater Knit Pillows

How To Make A Sweater Knit Pillow
1. You will need a pillow or cushion, a sewing machine (you can also hand sew this project but it will take longer) and an old sweater.

2. Put the pillow inside the sweater to make sure that it is the correct size before you get started.

3. Turn the sweater inside out before sewing, then sew a straight line across the top just under the neck opening and another two up each side by the end of the arms. Go over the seams again for added strength.

4. Cut off the neck and arms above where you stitched and close up any remained holes.

5. Cut off any extra fabric and turn the sweater back out the right way.

6. Slip the cover over the pillow and put on your sofa or bed! If you want to close the base of the cover, you could add Velcro, poppers or buttons.

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