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DIY Santa’s Grotto

DIY Santa’s Grotto

Treat your children to something extra special this holiday season by turning the space under your stairs into Santa’s Grotto!

Where To Start
The best place to begin is clearing out whatever is under the stairs already! If you don’t have a closet there, you may not even realize how much space there is. Simply cut out enough space for a small door or hatch and you are ready to go!

The Design
With this new-found space, how you want to decorate is up to you! It’s not often that we have the chance to be creative in ours homes in a space that could be easily hidden if necessary. Paint a wall with chalkboard paint so that you children can write their letters to Santa. Fill the floor with big cushions and hang Christmas lights around the walls for a comfortable and magical atmosphere that your children will love! White felt laced with glitter would make a great floor covering for a snowy winter feel. Or if Santa’s Grotto isn’t for you, why not try an elf house? You could even fill it with toys to donate to local organizations, some wrapping paper and, of course, a little elf uniform on a hook inside the door! This could be the perfect way to teach your children about the gift of giving whilst having fun at the same time!

After The Holidays
There is no reason why you can’t enjoy this space all year round. Put a small door on the outside to create extra storage space or hang a curtain from inside the space for a fun hiding and play area for your children. You could even fill the floor with a large dog bed to give your canine companion their own room!

Don’t let this often unused space go to waste, get creative this Christmas!

photo credit: Apartment Therapy