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7 Things to Do With Your Grandparents for Grandparent’s Day

Since 1978, we have had a special day in September to honor and love on the older generations. Grandparents Day was officially declared a holiday by President Jimmy Carter and is now celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day. The idea for this holiday came from Marian McQuade, a West Virginian housewife who wanted more people to support and visit the elderly who lived in nursing homes.

7 Things to Do With Your Grandparents for Grandparent’s Day

Today, Grandparent’s Day gives us a unique opportunity we often take for granted — honoring the wisdom and heritage that our older relatives give to us. With the rush and hustle of modern day life, this day is the perfect chance to take time out and learn from those who came before us. If you’re not sure what to do, don’t limit yourself. The sky’s the limit. However, if you’re stuck, here are seven things you can do with your grandparents this Grandparent’s Day.

1. Reminisce Over Old Pictures and Family Stories

Grandparent’s Day is the perfect time to pull out the old album and learn a little about your family history. Learn about how your grandpa fought in the war or what it was like growing up all those decades ago. These are precious memories that must be passed down to the younger generations, so they’re not lost.

2. Enjoy Some of Your Grandparents’ “Favorites”

There are a million things to occupy our time these days, but you may not know the things your grandparents enjoyed doing when they were younger. Take time to learn on Grandparent’s Day. You and your grandparents could enjoy their favorite:

  • Movies
  • Books
  • Board games
  • Music
  • And more

3. Learn a Family Recipe

There’s always something that grandma or grandpa makes better than anyone else. Maybe since it’s Grandparent’s Day, they’ll be willing to share the secret with you. Have an impromptu cooking class and learn what makes your grandparents’ food oh so yummy.

4. Field Trip to Memorable Spots

See the place where your grandma grew up or where your grandparents got married. Visit their first home as a married couple or where your grandpa had his first job. These field trips will help you to remember the stories they’ve told you over the years.

5. Host a Family Reunion

Your extended family probably doesn’t have the time to visit very often, especially if they live far away. Whether they live locally or have to travel, Grandparent’s Day is the perfect time to get the whole gang together again.

6. Learn a New Hobby

Grandparents love to pass down some of their favorite hobbies to their kids and grandkids. Usually, we don’t have the time to learn. Maybe that’s what makes Grandparent’s Day so special. You can take some time out to go fishing with your grandfather or learn knitting from grandma.

7. Adopt a Grandparent

For many, their grandparents have already passed away. But there are many elderly in nursing homes and barely have any visitors. In the spirit of what Grandparent’s Day is all about, why not drop by and visit — and maybe you’ll hit it off with someone who can become your honorary grandparent.

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