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4 Cheap Alternatives to a Traditional Christmas Tree

4 Cheap Alternatives to a Traditional Christmas Tree

If you hate the pine needle mess that comes from a live Christmas tree, if you lack the space needed to put up a traditional tree, or if you are simply looking for a unique alternative to the customary tree, you are not alone! We have three awesome options for those who are looking for a non-traditional tree.

Tomato Cage Tree – Reuse your tomato cages from the garden to create a compact Christmas tree. Just wrap the cage in garland and decorate with lights and mini ornaments. You will achieve the look of a traditional tree as well as the compact size you need.

Chalkboard Tree – This option does require that you have a wall painted with chalkboard paint, but this alternative creates a beautiful, artistic, and incredibly personalized alternative to a traditional Christmas tree.

Christmas Card Tree – Tack your collection of Christmas cards sent from friends and loved ones on your wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. This is very seasonal and sentimental substitute for a live tree.

Book Tree – If you are book lover you can stack your collection of novels in circular layers creating a cone shaped stack similar to that of a tree. Add a string or two of lights and you have a trendy and unique Christmas tree that reflects your personality.