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CenterPointe Apartments, offering 1 & 2 bedroom homes

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Conveniently located on Lisburn Road in Lower Allen Township with easy access to Route 15, Interstate 83 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

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Townhomes and apartments (both with 1-car attached garage)

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The Camp Hill area sits conveniently located along Route 15, between East Pennsboro Township, Lemoyne and Silver Spring Township. The small-town feel of Camp Hill makes it an excellent place to find annual celebrations such as a Memorial Day parade and 5K race. But it’s more than just fun activities.

The school district is renowned for its success. The local library draws people from across the area for fun programs and its annual blueberry sale. Many small retailers have enjoyed the same devotion from local families and residents for years. The weekly farmer’s markets and concerts in the park draw people from all over during the summer.

Are you ready to become a part of this community? We have apartment rentals and rental homes available in Camp Hill. Let us help you find the perfect fit for your needs. With move-in ready locations available, we can get you in your new place quickly.

Why Rent From Triple Crown Corporation?

Triple Crown Corporation has helped many people like you looking for a great place to live on the West Shore. Our houses for rent in Camp Hill offer outstanding facilities and clean, well-maintained grounds.

Triple Crown Corporation has many happy renters throughout Central Pennsylvania, thanks to our exceptional quality. Just a few of the advantages of renting from us include:

  • Character and attractiveness of our communities
  • Close proximity to Harrisburg and the East Shore
  • Responsive assistance when you need it
  • A variety of amenities in your well-maintained home

Moving to Camp Hill, PA, can bring you closer to the culture and excitement of Harrisburg, and into an excellent school district as well.

What to Do Near Camp Hill, PA

Camp Hill sits across the river from Harrisburg. It’s close to many natural areas, such as Lower Allen Park, as well as lots of commercial establishments that make your weekly shopping or finding a place for date night a breeze. Here’s what you can discover in the area.

Food and Drink

  • Bonefish Grill
  • Robert’s Pizza
  • Cornerstone Coffee
  • Cedars Restaurant


  • Capital City Mall
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Wegmans
  • Target
  • Michaels
  • One Good Woman
  • Blooms By Vickrey and Pealer’s Flowers

Schools and Community

  • Camp Hill School District
  • Trinity High School
  • Harrisburg Academy

Activities and Entertainment

  • Memorial Day Parade
  • Willow Park
  • Fiala Field
  • Just Plain Yoga
  • Grace Pollock Performing Arts Center
  • Fredricksen Library

Moving to Camp Hill, PA? Learn More About Our Apartment and Home Rentals

Camp Hill is an idyllic place to live, nestled in a quiet part of Cumberland County. You will love the apartment and home options we have in this area. Give us a call at 717-657-5729 or reach out online today to learn more!

“Triple Crown Corporation truly cares about their employees and takes feedback to try to improve ways of doing things to make their people happier! They listen, care, and understand what we all do on a daily basis, and APPRECIATE what we do, and always tell you so every time they see you! The owner of this company is a real person, who knows what goes on during the day, and is not too proud or above everyone to say hello, thank you. He makes a true effort to know each and every one of his employees. This is an innovative, constantly growing company, that has built their business and their brand on doing the right thing, and it shows!  I love it … what more can I say!”

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