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Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

Commercial construction continues to help communities grow and businesses thrive. The addition of a commercial property can add convenience and aesthetic appeal to any area. After all, a new building presents an opportunity for everything from startup incubator spaces to a large enterprise fulfillment center.

For over 40 years, Triple Crown Corporation has focused on providing commercial construction in Central PA. Each commercial project we handle is led by our unwavering commitment to value, quality, safety and best practices. We won the governor’s safety award because we believe in getting a job done right, not getting a job done hastily.

Types of Commercial Construction in Central Pennsylvania 

Over the years, Triple Crown Corporation has had the opportunity to work on a wide range of commercial construction jobs. Some of our most frequently requested types of construction projects include:

Commercial Construction

Warehouse and Flexible Spaces

From business centers to commercial complexes, some commercial projects need to be adaptable to the changing needs of owners and leasing entities. We construct our commercial flex spaces to meet your most urgent demands without losing sight of future possibilities. 

Commercial Construction

Office Spaces

Business parks and corporate centers allow plenty of companies to gather in one efficient, well-appointed building. As part of our commitment to quality, Triple Crown Corporation considers all elements to make sure our commercial construction spaces are adequate for businesses and employees. This includes providing ample parking and effective energy-efficient HVAC systems.

Commercial Construction

Retail Spaces

Shoppers appreciate being able to head to one retail center or plaza to browse sales, grab a bite to eat or finish errands. Unlike some of the more industrial commercial retail construction of the past, today’s commercial construction has a contemporary, warm and welcoming feel. A well-appointed, well-lit atmosphere encourages consumers to return again and again.

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Manufacturing Spaces

Manufacturers are one of the backbones of a thriving economy. However, not every construction company understands how to create a manufacturing environment that promotes both the highest degree of efficiency and aesthetic appeal. At Triple Crown Corporation, we combine functionality and taste on all jobs, including those centered on developing manufacturing buildings.

Find Commercial Construction Lots in the Harrisburg Region

Are you planning to build a commercial property in the Harrisburg area on either the West Shore or East Shore? Contact our team today.

We typically have several tracts of land available that are perfectly suited for commercial projects. Check out the lots advertised on our website, or give us a call at 717-657-5729 for a more complete listing of commercial lots.

Recent Commercial Construction Projects in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

We invite you to take a look at some of our latest commercial projects to get a better idea of the breadth and ability of our services. Click on each image to learn more about these buildings that mix high-quality engineering and construction with eye-catching, modern designs.

Remember to contact us to discuss your commercial construction needs in Central Pennsylvania.