Testimonials From Our Residents

“I’ve enjoyed being part of this company because from the beginning I have had a boss who has always makes me feel I can go to her with anything. She does the best she can not only for her employees, but the residents as well. I work in a wonderful atmosphere with great co-workers and wonderful residents. I am even more grateful to be a part of this company because the benefits are just getting better. You are always looking for ways to make your employees happy including the crown casino program, profit sharing, an extra holiday, and increased commission. I love the peer praise program. It is great for morale and lets us know how much our co-workers appreciate the things we do. Triple Crown is a great company and I am lucky to be a member of your team!”

Testimonials From Our Residents
Stacey D. Property Manager

“One of the reasons I enjoy working at Triple Crown is because it provides a sense of purpose and meaning and is truly a rewarding career to come to every day.”

Testimonials From Our Residents
Zack Y. Business Development Manager
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“If you want to work with a company where you can feel valued, feel appreciated and feel part of a family, Triple Crown is one of those places.”

Testimonials From Our Residents
Mark E. Lead Maintenance Tech
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“Getting promoted from the field to office allowed me to pursue a career path that was better fit for me while also opening more opportunities for growth.”

Testimonials From Our Residents
Colton M. Purchasing Agent
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“The word that I would use to describe working here is invigorating.”

Testimonials From Our Residents
Emily H. Human Resources Recruiter
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“Prior to coming here, I had followed Triple Crown for quite some time attracted by its reputation.”

Testimonials From Our Residents
Tom W. Design & Estimating Manager
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“I have had the pleasure of working at Triple Crown Corporation for over 30 years. The work we do is always interesting, changing, challenging, and very rewarding. This company has career paths for everyone and promotes an environment that enriches personal and career growth, all while maintaining a family-oriented culture.”

Testimonials From Our Residents
Jodi C. Commercial Leasing Manager

“I have now been working with Triple Crown for over 5 years and I can honestly say that I enjoy working for this company. I have had jobs in the past where I did not feel valued and that is not the case from this company. I began working here right out of college and have been given the chance to learn, grow as a young professional, develop my knowledge and skills and move up within the company. Even just this past year being promoted and now holding the title of “Senior”. There is always something new to keep me interested and not sink into a typical day-to-day rut that you find most other places. The people I get to work with are genuinely some of the nicest people and are always willing to help and work together as a team. The office environment and work-home life balance are very important aspects to me and I have never felt that either of these have been jeopardized before. It’s very difficult these days to not just find a job, but find a job that you actually enjoy going to and feel gives you purpose. I really enjoy working for this company and look forward to many more years!”

Testimonials From Our Residents
Megan B. Senior Investment Accountant

“If you want to work for a company that appreciates you AND feels like family, this is the place to be. Everyone, from the managers to my coworkers, seems invested in the company doing well, and they care about the quality of their work. We also manage, despite being busy, to have a lot of fun company events. I truly enjoy coming to work.”

Testimonials From Our Residents
Yvonne P. Office Assistant

“I enjoy working at Triple Crown and have been employed here going on 6 years. This year I was promoted from Leasing Associate to Assistant Property Manager, which gives me the opportunity to grow personally as well as professionally. I feel that employees get personal appreciation from upper management, and I do enjoy the great working environment provided to me, which includes my direct manager as well as other departments that I deal with daily. The company has set values which align with my personal beliefs and values, and I would highly recommend Triple Crown Corporation. I am truly happy in my current position and look forward to many more years of employment with the company.”

Testimonials From Our Residents
Rita G. Assistant Property Manager

“Working for Triple Crown Corporation has been an exceptional experience. I’ve worked here as an IT Director for over 20 years and every day is a new experience. I feel fortunate to be part of a leadership that strives for a positive, team-oriented environment and are sensitive to balancing work and personal time. Over the years I have been provided opportunities to sharpen and diversify my skills in order to contribute to a wonderful growing company.”

Testimonials From Our Residents
Scott R. IT Director

“After 17 years in Multi-Housing industry, the right time and opportunity presented itself to join TCC. I can share, in my short tenure, it was the right move for me personally and professionally to diversify myself and as a leader in this industry. TCC is a leader in our market from development, commercial, and multi-housing opportunities. I’m proud to represent and be part of a prominent company, team, and brand that’s growing.”

Testimonials From Our Residents
Jackie R. Regional Property Manager

“I love making the residents happy and learning new, different things every day. Triple Crown offers great benefits and is a great place to work.”

Testimonials From Our Residents
Robert B. Lead Maintenance Tech
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