As a follow up to one of our previous blogs, we thought we’d give you a couple of tips on how to have a successful yard sale!

Preparation– Every successful yard sale starts off the same, with adequate preparation.  Preparation for a yard sale should start at least 2-3 weeks prior to the yard sale.  You’ll want enough time to go through your things and decide what you no longer need or can do without.  It is recommended you collect as many things to sell as possible because the more you have, the more appealing the yard sale looks from the curb!  Be sure you have adequate change and newspaper to wrap up fragile items.  This is also a great time to use up all those plastic grocery bags you’ve been saving!

Advertise – Obviously you’ll want to advertise your yard sale, regardless of you decide to advertise online, in the newspaper, with signs around the community or all of the above just remember that timing is everything.  If you advertise too early, it is likely that you’re efforts will not pay off. Craigslist is a popular place to advertise yard sales because it is widely used and best of all it is free! Another very successful and free way to advertise is with signs – it is recommended you put signs out identifying the dates and time of your yard sale at least a couple days before the day of the sale.

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Location, Location, Location – It is true, location is everything.  If your home is in a very rural area, you may want to ask a friend or family member who lives in a more populated and highly trafficked area if they want to do a yard sale with you.  If your only option is to host the yard sale at your home in a rural setting, make sure you go heavy on the advertising and post pictures of your bigger items along with your listings online to drum up customers!

Organize – A little organization goes a long way.  Resist the urge to just dump everything out on tables and tarps, people will be able to more easily see the value in your items if they are organized into sections. Many people will be discouraged by cluttered items and your sales will suffer. Consider having a table for kitchen items, a separate table for toys, a tarp for household decorations, etc…

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Display – This goes hand and hand with organizing your items. You don’t have to decorate for your yard sale but you might consider putting a table cloth on your tables, hanging your clothing up and setting up items in a way to convey their value and purpose. Making your goods easy to browse and displaying them attractively will draw people in and encourage them to purchase. Seeing you’ve taken the time to organize and display your goods will likely convey to your “shoppers” that you take care of your things and they will be more willing to purchase from you.

Good Luck!




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