Homeowners know that they’re responsible for making repairs to their residence if something breaks. Figuring out who’s responsible for repairs isn’t as simple when a tenant and landlord are involved, however. While many rental agreements are quite detailed and spell out who’s responsible for what in a variety of circumstances, things can still happen that aren’t specifically covered by even the most comprehensive rental contract.

The law requires landlords to ensure the spaces they rent out are habitable. As far as apartment repairs go, whether a landlord or lessee is responsible depends on several factors, such as the nature of the needed repair and the reason why the repair is necessary.

Landlord’s Responsibility

If you own a residential property that’s being rented by a tenant, you are responsible for any maintenance and repairs that are necessary to keep the property in a livable condition. The majority of states honor what’s called an “implied warranty of habitability,” which assigns responsibility for fixing things like leaky pipes and electrical problems to a landlord.

Landlords are also responsible for repairing or replacing things in their rental spaces that fail due to expected wear and tear. A landlord is not responsible for repairing damage that’s caused by a tenant or the renter’s family members, guests or pets.

Tenant’s Responsibilities

In general, tenants are legally required to take reasonable care of their living space. If you’re a lessee and you neglect or abuse your apartment and repairs become necessary as a result, you will typically be responsible for making the repairs.

If, for instance, you’re playing a video game and your controller flies out of your hand and through the nearest window, you, rather than your landlord, will normally be responsible for fixing the window.

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