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If you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere, then every year between June 20 and 22 a significant event occurs, though it often goes unnoticed — the summer solstice. Also called Midsummer, the summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, and there are more hours of daylight than any other day. The summer solstice also marks the first day of summer.

For thousands of years, summer solstice celebrations have been held by cultures across the globe. It was a time to celebrate life and renewal after the long, cold months of winter. It also was a time to prepare for the coming harvest. Although it’s an ancient custom, the summer solstice is a holiday that marks the beginning of the summer season, meaning it’s still a great time to invite your friends and neighbors for an outdoor party.

Why Do We Have a Summer Solstice?

As you probably know, Earth is tilted on an axis. Between March and September, we in the Northern Hemisphere get more direct sunlight than those in the Southern Hemisphere. The summer solstice is when we receive the peak amount of sunlight. Funnily enough, our summer solstice is the Southern Hemisphere’s winter solstice, and vice versa — our winter solstice is their summer solstice.

The Ancient Celebration of Summer Solstice

Since ancient times, the summer solstice has been a time-honored tradition for many different cultures. They used the event to mark their calendars and calculate the best time to plant their crops. In fact, many believe that Stonehenge, an ancient monument located in England, used the summer solstice to calculate the days of the year. Native Americans, Slavic, Celtic, Germanic and French tribes all marked summer solstice as a day for feasting and celebration, with dancing, bonfires, and songs.

Have Your Own Summer Solstice Party

Cultures throughout northern Europe and among neopagan religions still celebrate the summer solstice today. However, it’s also a great day to have your own outdoor party or spend some time outside with your nearest and dearest. Here are some ways you can set your summer solstice soiree apart and give your guests a time they won’t ever forget:

  • All-Natural Decor: Remember that this holiday is a celebration of renewal and new life. Bring that idea into your decor with tons of flowers and floral decorations.
  • DIY Wreaths and Flower Crowns: Your guests will love creating a fresh or fake wreath or flower crown. These can be party favors they take home or accessories they wear during your party.
  • Adult Refreshments: It’s traditional for adult guests to indulge in spirits at a summer solstice event. Create a refreshing summer cocktail your friends will love, like a berry vodka spritzer or the more traditional mint julep.
  • Indulge in Local Flavors: What better way to celebrate the harvest than by serving up some yummy appetizers made from local ingredients. Whatever is fresh in your area is perfect to share.
  • Build a Bonfire or Light the Firepit: In ancient times, bonfires were traditional for the summer solstice. Renew the custom with your own bonfire. Or, on a smaller scale, light up the firepit and sing songs around the fire.

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