Just because September is officially here and we have unofficially said, “see ya next year” to summer doesn’t mean we have seen the last of our beautiful weather! In fact, we all know that the fall season tends to be better suited for completing some home projects and even attending outdoor events than the dog days of summer!

So, what projects made it on your list for this fall?

Have you thought about repainting the exterior walls of your home or outbuildings?


If not, maybe you want to check out how the paint is holding up, fall is a great time to spruce up peeling or cracking exterior paint jobs. After all aside from being a design feature, the purpose of paint on your exterior walls in most cases is meant to protect the walls and cracked and peeling paint just won’t do the job you need it to do. If this task is already on your list or soon to be added, be sure to check back soon for future blogs, we will be posting a blog about Tips for Tackling a Painting Project!

If you don’t have clean and inspect your gutters on the list, you should consider adding it!

Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year, especially before winter sneaks up on us!  Clogged and poorly functioning gutters can cause a host of issues that are easily avoided by routine cleaning and inspection.  Avoid ice dams, water damage and even personal injury this winter and put cleaning gutters on your list!

How about winterizing your garden?

You’ve tended to it and loved it all summer long- you can’t just give up on it now! If winterizing your garden is on your to-do list you might want to check out one of our previous blogs about How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter.




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