snowman fun

It’s rare for winter to be someone’s favorite season, and now that it’s in full swing it’s easy to see why. As beautiful as the inches of white, sparkling snow are to look at, it’s not always very safe or comfortable going outdoors once the temperatures fall. More often than not, you’re better off spending your time indoors, but what can you do to keep boredom at bay? Give one of the following indoor winter activities a try:

Master a healthy recipe. From eating healthier and losing weight to trying your hand at new things, taking time this winter to experiment in the kitchen is inspiring in many ways. You’ll stimulate your brain with the challenge, your taste buds with a (hopefully) delicious dish and your motivation to stay focused on bettering yourself in the months ahead.

Get your read on. Every winter, lists are released naming the best books of the year. Winter is a wonderful time to work in these recommended titles. Curl up in your favorite chair with a warm throw, a piping hot cup of tea and escape the winter doldrums through the pages of a great new book.

Arrange a summer getaway. Studies show it’s nearly as much fun to plan a vacation as it is to take one. Put those wintery nights to work daydreaming about where you’ll spend your spring and summer breaks. Who knows? You could stumble onto some fabulous deals along the way.

Staying warm in winter may necessitate staying indoors, but that doesn’t mean your fun has to be over. Stimulate the senses and put your downtime to use with activities perfectly suited to the coldest months of the year.




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