Feel like having a little fun this year and celebrating Arbor Day at the end of April? Even if you aren’t able to plant a tree, you can still have a blast. This holiday is the perfect opportunity to connect with your love of nature in unique, enjoyable and meaningful ways.

  1. Add Greenery to Your Life

Living space a little dull? Some plants could liven it up! Before buying any plants, though, be sure to do a bit of homework to see which will thrive in your home. You can grow your plants from seeds or simply buy them already grown. Give them the attention they deserve, and they’ll become attractive additions to your residence.

  1. Go for a Nature Hike

No matter where you live, nature likely isn’t far away. Find the nearest state park or hiking trail and get out to explore. Even if you just go to the neighborhood park or take a stroll throughout your community, you’ll be getting a little closer to the natural world. Be sure to take note of the blossoming flowers and awakening trees.

  1. Donate to a Nature Preserve or Non-Profit

Do you have a favorite nature preserve or related non-profit organization? Consider making a donation in support of their mission. The donation doesn’t have to be a large amount. Even five or ten dollars is always appreciated. You don’t have to give big bucks to make a big difference.

Why allow another Arbor Day to pass uncelebrated? Make it a point to recognize it for the both your benefit and for the earth’s.

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