Scoring outdoor space with your apartment is like hitting the lottery. No matter how small the payout, you’re still excited. There are ways to maximize the usability of your outdoor space, even if it’s not a huge amount of square footage. Use these tips to turn your tiny outdoor space into a relaxing nook perfect for reading, lounging, or sipping.

Comfortable Seating

The key to any usable outdoor space is comfortable seating. Look for overstuffed cushions and fluffy throw pillows in weatherproof — and wine-spill proof — fabrics that mirror the furniture you love most in your living room. If you can’t fit a chaise or couch to spread out on, consider chairs and ottomans to make sure you have a space to kick your feet up at the end of the day. You can also add warmth and define the space with an outdoor rug.

Mood Lighting

Add lighting to your outdoor space to make reading and socializing easier. Simple string lights or bistro lights can do the trick, but you can also hang a pendant or two for task lighting. Don’t go overboard: soft, romantic lighting is ideal.

Pops of Color

No outdoor space is complete without a little greenery. Choose bud colors that will match your textiles. If you have a balcony that overlooks other units, consider over-the-railing window boxes to add a bit of privacy. You can also choose to aromatic flowers, such as lavender, that will help you to relax.

Above all, personalize your outdoor space to make it feel like your own, so you’ll enjoy it for years to come!




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