Popular paint colors can update your home and make your space look fresher and more on-trend. If you’re wondering which colors will be popular for interior design and homes this year, the consensus seems to be around neutral, eco-friendly colors. Greens, grays, blacks, taupes and similar shades are all predicted to be the hottest trends in the new year and beyond.

In addition, dusky blues, warm reds and natural greens will continue to be popular. Consider the colors you might see in the sky, ocean, spices or in plant life to get a sense of the nature-inspired look designers will be opting for in the next year.

Making Use of Trendy Home Colors

If you’d like to paint your space to make it more trendy, remember to ask the property owner for permission if you’re renting. Or, check your rental agreement to see whether you are allowed to paint your space without advance permission.

If you rent, you can still try out the trendiest paint colors, even if you’re not allowed to paint your walls. You can choose deep greens, grays and other current colors to accent your space.

You can buy lampshades, throw pillows, furniture and other pieces in the trendiest and most current colors to create a fresher look. If you want to transform your entire space, choosing new color palettes in decor or even using fabric covers to transform your furniture can go a long way toward updating your look.

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