Renting an Apartment When You Have a PetAre you planning to rent an apartment, but you have a pet? You’ll need to carefully consider all your options, and know some helpful tips to make the process as easy as possible. Remember that it’s up to you to make sure your living environment and situation is good for everyone, from your landlord or property management company, to your four-legged friend.

Take a look at the following tips to ensure the rental process is as hassle-free as possible when you have a pet:

  1. Be Upfront About Having a Pet

Think you can hide the fact that you have three cats or a big German Shepherd? You won’t be able to for long, and it could get you evicted. Ask about pets right away.

  1. Choose a Place That Is the Right Size for Your Pet

A potential rental property may accept pets, but it might be too small for your dog. Why limit your big pooch to a tiny apartment? Think of your animals when you look at the available space.

  1. Know What Kind of Pet You Can Have, as Well as How Many

Some landlords specify that they will only take cats or small creatures. Others are broader in their acceptance. Many have a limit as to how many of each kind of pet they want on their properties. Be sure it’s spelled out in your lease.

  1. Expect to Pay Extra

Landlords usually require an extra deposit if you have a pet, or they may increase your monthly rent because you own a dog, cat, etc. Why? They’re simply protecting their assets. Pets can be damaging to an apartment, and the extra fee can be used for clean-up when you leave.

  1. Get Your Dog Obedience Training

You’re more likely to snag an apartment if you can prove that your dog has been through obedience training. Have the paperwork ready so you can show you’re a responsible pet owner.

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The more ways you can show you’re willing to work with your landlord or property management company, the better your outcome will be as a renter with a pet.

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