Daylight savings time can lead to fatigue, sleepiness and even irritability. Changes in our sleep schedule can affect us and our health more than most of us realize.

If you have trouble adjusting to daylight savings time, use these daylight savings tips to stay alert, happy and productive:

1) Adjust to the Time Change Gradually.

A few days before daylight savings time, start setting your clock 15 minutes ahead at bedtime and in the morning. Making changes 15 minutes at a time is a lot less painful than making a sudden switch of an hour.

2) Practice Good Sleep Habits.

Block out all the light in your bedroom and use earplugs to neutralize any noise. Avoid drinking or exercise close to bedtime and avoid bringing screens, such as cell phones, into your sleep space. Creating a quiet and dark place to sleep makes bedtime a little easier, even during daylight savings.

3) Develop a Bedtime Routine.

Relaxing bedtime routines consisting of herbal tea, relaxation, soft music, light reading or other activities that get you into the sleeping frame of mind can help you drift off more easily. Having a regular routine makes it easier for you to fall asleep, even when it’s lighter later.

4) Stay Healthy.

A good diet and moderate exercise earlier in the day can help your body function more efficiently, potentially making it easier for you to sleep.

5) Go to Bed at the Same Time Every Day.

Waking and going to bed at the same time every day gets your body used to sleeping regularly. It will be easier for your body to adjust daylight savings and occasional differences if you go to bed regularly and get a full night of sleep.

6) Know When to Call the Doctor.

If you experience bouts of insomnia, changes in sleep patterns or any disruptions in sleep, visit your doctor. Likewise, if you’re getting plenty of sleep, visit the doctor if you are feeling more tired or fatigued during the day. Sleep interruptions can be a symptom of something more serious, and your doctor can help you address these issues before they become a larger problem.

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