Love it or hate it, painting is an activity that takes time, patience and attention to detail! While painting might not be your favorite task, you add it to your list because you know it’s worth the work. Few things spruce up your home like a fresh coat of paint! If you’re tackling a painting project this fall, we have some tips for you!

Patience is key

This is true with much in life but it is especially true with painting. The task of painting should not be rushed. Rushing often leads to poor color choices, sloppy application and a finished product that falls short of your expectations which inevitably leads to having to redo the job sooner than necessary! It is for that reason exactly that we put together these tips which are likely more reminders than news to you but hopefully they server both you and your project well!

Even if you aren’t looking forward to the process, embrace it and allot ample time for every step of the process to ensure your final product turns out just the way you dreamed it would.

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If you don’t already have the paint picked out you you might just be starting this task by picking out the perfect paint color and brand. It is important to keep in mind that the quality of the paint you select matters – especially when your painting exterior walls that will be expected to tolerate varying weather conditions!

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Next, make sure you allow yourself time to tape things off! Often people regard this step as not necessary because this may seem like a time consuming task but you will find that the time invested here will quickly be returned to you once the painting starts!

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Finally, allow time for the paint to dry completely between coats! It’s easy to rush this step if you get overly excited about the final product or the completion of the task however it is an mistake you will soon regret because your finished product will pay the price! The time required for paint to dry can vary depending on many factors such as the type of surface you’re painting, the kind of paint you are applying, the weather and more so make sure you understand how long you should allow between coats and be patient!

Bonus Tip: Boxing Paint

Boxing paint is useful when you have a painting project that will require more than 1 gallon of paint. This is the process of combining all the cans of paint into one container such as a 5 gallon plastic bucket. While you may have ordered 5 cans of sand dune paint, each can is mixed separately and even the slightest variance in the shade of a color can often time be noticed by an observant eye so be sure to consider boxing your paint to avoid a shady finished product!




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