Moving into a new space is usually very exciting! However, the act of moving is rarely something anyone looks forward to. It starts with tracking down and assembling a million boxes, then you fill the boxes with essentially everything you own, hopefully wrapped carefully enough and packed strategically enough to prevent damage and then it’s time for the heavy lifting – literally!  Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if that’s where it stopped, but as we all know that is in fact just the beginning!

Don’t let the chore of moving burst your bubble – yes it’s a necessary evil but you’ll realize it’s worth the pain once you’re living it up in your new space!  We have prepared a few quick, simple tips that will hopefully make moving less of a chore.

moving boxes
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1) Be Prepared – The more organized you are initially, the smoother the move will go. Be sure to have various sized Ziploc bags on hand, Sharpies, plenty of boxes, pen and paper (or computer), & packing tape (or duct tape).

2) Keep Things Straight – Create a system: for example try number your boxes, 1 through 50 (or 500) and record with a pen and paper or in an Excel sheet what type of items are in each box. Use Ziploc bags to bag up smaller, similar items like cords & wires, be sure to label them so you don’t forget what they are for!

3) Empty Your Closet – Use trash bags like garment bags to transport the clothing hanging in your closet. Save yourself the time and aggravation of removing the clothing from the hangers, folding and then hanging them back up when you reach your final destination. Instead cut a slit in the bottom of a large trash bag, slip the hooks of the hangers through the slit and pull the bag down around the clothing.  If the bag is large enough you’ll be able to tie up the bottom and keep your clothing clean and organized during the move.

4) Color Coordinate – It’s also a great idea to implement a color coded system for your boxes – this sounds complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Duct tape comes it every color imaginable so grab as many colors as there are rooms in your new space (colored stickers will work too) and use the colored duct tape to signify which room in your new space that box belongs in.  This will make unloading the truck a much smoother process as you and whoever is helping you will be able to easily identify which room the boxes belong.

moving truck
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5) Toting Stuff Around – Invest in some large plastic storage totes. Clear totes are most ideal because you will be able to easily identify what is in each tote without having to actually open the tote.  Use these totes to pack up the items you know you will need to unpack first, then once they are empty use them to organize items you need to find a home for as you unpack the remainder of the boxes (like yard sale items, keepsakes, seasonal decorations, etc.).

Happy Moving!




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