friendly neighborhoodWhether you just moved in or you’ve been part of your community for several months, it’s always nice to get to know the people living around you. Getting to know your neighbors could lead to new friendships, networking opportunities or helping hands when you need them. It may feel awkward in the beginning to get acquainted with others living in your community, but it can bring great rewards! Here are some ideas on how to get to know your neighbors when you’re living in an apartment:

1. Attend Your Community’s Event

Many communities hold events throughout the year to encourage residents to meet and get to know one another. Attend one of these events! Your community may be putting together a barbecue, yard sale or fundraiser. You could even volunteer to help coordinate these events if you have time to spare. Even by just attending these events, you can meet people and learn new things about them. It’s a low-pressure way to put yourself out there, so RSVP ‘yes’ to your next community event.

2. Spend Time in Public Areas

You won’t meet new people if you spend all your time inside your home. Many communities have amenities for residents, like gyms, pools, dog parks and playgrounds. Lie by the pool with a good book and cool off in the summer — if you see someone you recognize but have never formally met, introduce yourself! All you have to lose is an afternoon spent outside soaking up some sun. It’s better than sitting indoors on the couch, at the very least. At best, you’ve made a new acquaintance that you can chat up while enjoying the weather.

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3. Take a Walk

If your community doesn’t have as many of these public areas, try taking a walk around the neighborhood. Greet anyone you see outside doing the same thing. If they’re walking a dog, strike up a conversation by asking about their pet. Or you may encounter someone struggling with lots of grocery bags. Ask them if they need any help. Taking walks is great exercise and could also lead to you meeting and befriending your neighbors.

4. Just Knock on Their Door

If you’re feeling especially bold, knock on someone’s door! You could break the ice by bringing a plate of cookies, and they may return the favor later on. When they do, invite them inside to chat over a cup of coffee. It doesn’t have to be a long visit — ask them some basic questions and share your own story. You can excuse yourself after an hour or so, but be sure to offer meeting up with them again. They’re probably just like you. They’d like to get to know the people living near them, or even just know something about them — so they’ll definitely appreciate your effort.

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