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As American workers spend more and more time in the office, employers are looking for ways to make their spaces more inviting. Gone are the days of sterile building facades and cube farms. Today’s commercial office designs give spaces unique character and incorporate earth-friendly elements. Check out three of our favorite trends:

Bring the Outdoors In

Today’s commercial office designs are heavy on the great outdoors. Whether it’s by making use of floor-to-ceiling windows to bring in more natural light or incorporating outdoor space for employees to enjoy on their breaks, many offices are trying to go green. Some companies are taking an updated approach to the classic arboretum by planting trees in indoor walkways and other workspaces. One study found that plants in the office made workers nearly 15% more productive!

No More Cubicles

Humans crave interaction, and the workplace is no exception. Many employers are incorporating drop-in spaces to their commercial office designs. With the prevalence of telework on the rise, there’s no need for assigned desks. Long tables with power outlets allow workers to drop in when they’re in the office. And bright glass-enclosed huddle spaces with comfortable chairs and couches have replaced dark, wood-paneled meeting rooms.

Embracing an Area’s History

Another trend in commercial office design is a bit of a throwback. More and more employers are choosing to reconfigure centrally located historic buildings for their needs instead of building a lurking commercial space on the outskirts of town. Long-empty storefronts are getting new life as startups make their home in these urban areas. And employers are finding that an existing building’s footprint can easily be customized for their needs with the help of a knowledgeable commercial office designer!

Your employees will thank you!




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