Humidifiers are small appliances that add moisture to the air. These are generally used during winter months because the air is naturally so dry. They can help sooth sensitive nasal passages, dry skin and irritated eyes. However, there are a few humidifier benefits that are surprising and helpful even when it comes to saving money every month. If you’re wondering whether the cost is worth buying a humidifier, consider these advantages:

  • Feel Better – Whether you’re suffering from a cold, sinusitis or allergy symptoms, a humidifier will help keep your nasal passageways moist. This soothes sore sinuses and helps prevent you from picking up new germs.
  • Sleep Sounder – Have you or your partner been snoring lately? It may be due to a dry throat. Just as a humidifier keeps your nasal membranes moist, it can do the same for other soft tissues, cutting down on irritation and the noisy sleep habits that can result.
  • Stay Warmer – Cold air is thirsty air, and as it wicks moisture away from your body, it takes body heat along with it. Adding moisture to the air slows this process, allowing you to feel warmer without turning up your thermostat. In fact, some furnaces now come with humidity control add-ons to keep homes warmer during winter without burning excess energy.

Humidifiers are handy gadgets available with a full range of features. Depending upon the unit you choose, you can enjoy warm or cool misting devices, furnace add-ons and standalone units with humidity monitors that automatically turn off once inside moisture levels reach 50 percent. There are many options for price too, meaning you’ll be able to find a suitable unit regardless of your budget.




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