It turns out it’s your lucky day: You have an apartment with a spare bedroom! The only problem is that you really don’t need a second bedroom — and you’re stumped on how to make the most of the added space.

Instead of letting nature take over and turning the spare room into a dumping ground for all the unwanted things you’ve acquired, use your imagination! You’ll discover there are endless ways to use a spare room that don’t include sleeping. (12)
Have a Home Office
Are you accustomed to taking work home from the office? Do a little freelancing on the side? A home office is a perfect place to keep you focused and feeling like the professional you are. All you need is an ergonomic chair, a modern desk and a bookshelf. Be sure to decorate your office to your liking, perhaps by adding framed certificates or diplomas on the wall.

Set Up a Craft Room
Do you love arts and crafts? So many people do, but it can be hard to find the perfect place in an apartment to store everything. Beads end up on the living room floor, scrapbooking papers wind up scattered around the bedroom — it’s a mess!

Instead of giving up your favorite hobby, make the spare bedroom a place where you can get some crafts finished in peace and with only a minor disruption to the rest of the apartment.

Turn It Into a Cat Jungle Room
Do you have cats? (We’re assuming you’re allowed to if you said “yes.”) A spare room can be a fun place to set up a scratching post and other “jungle gym” equipment for your furry friend. It also keeps all of the cat’s items, including the litter pan, away from high-traffic areas.

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Make It a Reading Nook
Are you a book-a-holic? Why not go upscale and turn the spare room into a library-like sanctuary? A comfy chair, adequate light and shelves of books are all that’s required. Add a throw rug on the floor and a plaid blanket for your lap, and you’re good to go!

No matter what you do with your spare bedroom, please do something. Other renters in cozier spots would love to have this kind of “problem”!




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