small bathroom storage ideasA lot happens in the bathroom. You get ready for your day there, indulge in beauty treatments and unwind after a long day at work. All this means your bathroom needs to store many things – including toiletries, towels, cleaning supplies and more. What happens when you have a small bathroom that’s short on storage? You can use these innovative bathroom storage ideas to make the most out of every inch of space:

  1. Hang a Towel Rack Over the Back of the Door

You can have a towel rack or even an organizer without having to drill any holes or change anything about the door. These over-the-back-of-the-door solutions are perfect for bathrobes, towels and small toiletries.

  1. If You Have Cabinets Under the Sink, Make the Most of the Space

Use a tension bar along the top of the cabinet space so you can hang bottles, spray bottles and other items. Use over-the-door baskets to store items you use frequently – such as washcloths and soaps – on the inside of your cabinet. Organize everything you have inside the cabinet in drawers and boxes. It will keep everything tidy and will ensure you’re not losing space to clutter.

  1. Install a Cabinet Over the Back of the Toilet

You can buy these at organization stores, container stores and furniture stores. Simply assemble them and set them over the back of the toilet tank for additional space. Look for tall units with drawers and shelves to make the most out of vertical space. You’ll be able to store extra toothbrushes, towels, toilet paper and more.

There’s another simple solution for bathroom storage: Look for a home with bathrooms offering enough space. If you’re looking to rent, visit Triple Crown to find a selection of rental homes with the exact requirements you need.






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