While it’s tempting to hibernate through the winter and postpone putting your home on the market until spring, data shows that selling during winter pays off. Redfin research reveals that winter listings are more likely to sell, sell faster, and sell for more.

Selling Home in Winter

If you’re planning to sell this winter, check out these tips to attract buyers:

  1. Take care of your driveway. As a courtesy, be sure to shovel and salt often. Not only will it be easier for potential buyers to get inside, but it will make your home look well maintained. While you’re out, take a minute to brush the snow off the ‘For Sale’ sign and any hanging branches over the sidewalk.
  2. Keep it cozy. Give potential buyers a reason to stay in from the cold by making your home feel cozy. No one wants to walk around a freezing home, so turn the heat up a few hours before showing. Light the fireplace if you can and put out some winter décor – things like a comfy throw on the sofa can add to the warmth and make your place look homey.
  3. Show your home in the best light. Daylight hours may be shorter, but there are plenty of ways to brighten up your home. Avoid nighttime showings if possible and open up the blinds during the day. Use the brightest bulbs your lights can handle and keep the lights on during the showing. The winter sun has a nasty way of bringing out the grime on windows, too, so be sure to keep the windows clean to show your home in the best possible light.
  4. Point out the conveniences. If your neighborhood is the first to be plowed, let them know! Letting potential buyers see the conveniences of dealing with the inconvenient weather is a small but effective way to add value to your home.
  5. Treat them as guests. Highlight your home’s great hosting potential by treating potential buyers as guests. Put out some fresh baked cookies or make hot cocoa to make them feel at home and welcomed. If you don’t have time to bake, try an apple pie or vanilla scented candle to engage their senses. Just don’t go overboard with the scents!
  6. Have a nice rug for shoes. It may seem rude to ask them to take off their shoes, but it’ll show you are meticulous in caring for the home. You can even pick up a few one-size-fits-all slippers to keep their feet warm while touring the home.
  7. Be festive. Seasonal decorations are another way of making the home feel inviting. Try a wreath on the door to have a welcoming entry. A few small decorations throughout the home will get guests in the spirit and have them picturing their families in the home in no time!

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