The Easy Way to Upgrade your Siding and Redesign
your Roof

If you’re looking at upgrading your old aluminum siding and roof, Triple Crown Corporation makes it easier to do these major jobs quickly and cost-efficiently. You can completely renew the exterior of your home with new materials and better design technology that have simplified and streamlined the whole process of upgrading modern homes. Even complex multi-faceted roof and exterior designs can be tailor-made to your home’s specifications.

The advantages of upgrading your aluminum siding and roofing include:

  • Maintenance-free materials: No more worrying about whether your siding is going to rust or pucker.
  • Weather-resistant roofing: Our upgrades will eliminate leaks that plagued your old, beat-up roof.
  • Increased energy efficiency: Your home will be better insulated from the cold and the heat with our new siding. You may even see a difference in your heating and cooling bills.
  • Improved home value: Anytime you make a major upgrade like new roofing or siding, your home value shoots up. Even if you don’t plan to sell anytime soon, you’ll appreciate a higher price when you finally do put your house on the market.

The New Way of Giving your Home a Makeover

Our huge selection of designs allows maximum flexibility in creating your new exterior look. Whatever your needs in design, you’ll find exactly what you want for your home. You can also give your home a full exterior makeover with customizable features and easy installation, backed up with assistance from Triple Crown Corporation’s design and building experts.


Triple Crown Corporation has a wide selection of Harrisburg roofing and siding materials that can upgrade your home’s look:

  •  The new zero-maintenance vinyl siding: This is vinyl in its new form — a super-resilient polymer structure that manages temperature variations and never peels or degrades. It’s a dream come true for homeowners, eliminating the wear-and-tear factor in appearance as well as the hard work of maintaining it.
  •  Colors and style: Our extensive color range options allow you to select the perfect shade and style for your home. You can achieve a complete home exterior makeover perfectly matched to your own design ideas.
  •  Exterior design flexibility: You can also seamlessly incorporate renovations, extensions and any additions to your home into the exterior look. This means you can fully integrate your whole exterior design while adding the high practical values of new aluminum siding as well.


Upgrading your roofing is fast and efficient these days. You can get top-quality roofing for any configuration. Triple Crown Corporation roofing is made of ultra-low maintenance high-quality materials and comes in a vast selection of design options for any home style.

Triple Crown Corporation has been in the home building business for more than 30 years. When you’re searching for Harrisburg roofing options, we are eager to help you. Our top-notch consultants will help you discover the look you want for your house, preserving the architectural and design integrity with choices that blend right in to your exterior appearance.

Triple Crown Corporation Remodeling Construction and Design Support

Multi-award winning Triple Crown Corporation provides a fully integrated range of services from planning and customization to installation. We can do it all for you. This is the easy way to renovate! You can easily integrate your new roof and siding with your other exterior design renovations, too.

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