Thinking About Adding on a New Room or a Major Addition?
Triple Crown Corporation Can Do it All for You!

If you’re looking at adding another room or other major addition to your home, you may think it’s a big operation and too difficult to do. With Triple Crown Corporation, however, it’s easy. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from planning to construction. We have the experience to build your Harrisburg additions the right way. We’ll relieve your worries so that you can enjoy the process of adding on to your house, culminating in the exciting end product. We use only the best materials and offer free design consultations to discuss your vision for your house.

The Benefits of Home Additions

Why move your family from an area you love just because your house is too small? With additions, you can expand your living space without the hassle of uprooting your life. Home additions are also typically more cost effective than purchasing a home. When buying a home, closing costs, taxes, mortgage fees, moving expenses and more add up.

With a home addition, you’ll enjoy the added benefits of:

  •  Increased home value: Even if you’re not interested in putting your home on the market now, you’ll increase your home equity while making it more appealing to future homebuyers.
  •  More space: Optimize your home with added space, whether your addition will be new rooms or multi-functional gathering rooms, like an entertainment area.
  •  Quick timelines: Additions can be completed quickly, especially when compared to the time and energy it takes to move or build new from the ground up.
  •  Energy-efficient materials: Take advantage of today’s materials and design an addition that will have lower heating and cooling bills.

Additions can be customized to make the best use of available land or to complement existing structures while faithfully retaining the look and character of the home.

Give Your Home Something Extra

Do you ever say, “My home would be perfect if we only had [blank]? Stop lamenting what your house lacks and start imagining how you can change it. Triple Crown Corporation can oversee Harrisburg additions for a whole range of extras, such as:

  • Master suites
  • Garages
  • Sunrooms
  • Game Rooms
  • Additional bedrooms
  • Fitness centers

When you hire us to do your home addition, you’re also getting peace of mind. Our company has more than three decades of experience in home building. We take care of the details you don’t understand or don’t have time to deal with, and we enjoy seeing your excitement when it’s all finished.

Get the Best Designs, the Best Materials and the Best Advice with Us!

Triple Crown Corporation provides a complete suite of services for homeowners interested in home additions, from budget and planning through to completion.

Take advantage of computer-assisted design that allows you to see the new addition come to life. New additions can be accurately visualized and planned in conjunction with expert technical advice on all aspects of the new building project. There are no surprises throughout the process, and we’ll discuss everything in advance and work to your specifications.

Triple Crown Corporation Full Service Design, Construction and Advisory Services

If you’re thinking about an addition and would like some advice or more information, Triple Crown Corporation will be pleased to assist.

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