Renovating a Basement? You’ll Love your Options!

Your basement can be a very valuable area of your home. Turning your basement into top quality living space is now easier thanks to new design techniques and materials.

Basements — There’s No Limit to the Possibilities

Not only do renovated basements offer more room for family and friends, they can also improve the overall health of your home. Remove dampness and mold while also improving energy efficiency.

When one of our experienced basement contractors converts a basement into living space, a new functional space is created. We can create:

  •  A new room for the family: Enjoy a new family room, the perfect spot to entertain or kick back and relax.
  •  A game room: One of the most popular types of basement conversions, this option combines fun with great living amenities.
  •  A guest room: The new spare room/guest room option is ideal for families already maxed out on space but looking to provide friends and family with a comfortable stay.
  •  Rental space: An increasingly popular option, basements are now income earners in many homes. The better the basement design, the higher the income potential.
  •  A studio: An increasingly popular and extremely valuable use for basements, a studio is the ideal mix of living and functional space for professionals and the self-employed. It’s also an excellent way to address both work and home living needs, creating the right proportions of space to match functional requirements.
  •  A bar: Who hasn’t dreamed of serving up drinks on a custom-made bar during the Super Bowl or family get-togethers?
  •  A kids’ playroom: Your children can store their toys downstairs out of sight of visitors, and enjoy playing for hours in their own private space.

Increase the Value of Your Home With Harrisburg Basement Finishing

Basement Design Options with Triple Crown Corporation

With Triple Crown Corporation’s basement range of designs you can incorporate:

  •  Custom features, such as a kitchen, storage cabinets, bedroom amenities and more.
  •  Computer and studio production space, ideal for a home-based business space and managing clutter upstairs.
  •  A well-organized home storage facility, freeing up other space in the home and garage.

Plus, you get the benefit of Triple Crown Corporation’s more than three decades of experience to help you with your Harrisburg basement finishing and design. We understand the special challenges of working below grade, and we take this into consideration when we plan out your basement finishing, seeking out materials for floors, ceilings, cabinets and more that will stand up to the high moisture in every basement.

Triple Crown Corporation Remodeling, Design and Construction Support Services

You can get full contractor expert support and design assistance from multi-award winning Triple Crown Corporation’s designers and builders. Triple Crown Corporation provides a full range of design, customization and installation services to ensure you achieve your goals.

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