Warm weather is here, and you want to be able to enjoy your patio this summer!  We have outlined a list of to-dos to whip your patio/outdoor living space into shape in time for summer.

Patio Furniture

  1. Power wash – Start at the surface.  Power wash your patio surface.
  2. Clean Your Grill – Before the grilling seasons start, give your grill a deep clean.
  3. Clean Patio Furniture – After pulling your patio furniture out of storage it is important to clean the pieces.  There are many ways to go about this, but one way to do this would be to simply scrub your furniture with a cleaner (environmentally friendly is never a bad idea).
  4. Scrub the Cushions –If your patio furniture has cushions it is a good idea to scrub them before relaxing and enjoying sitting on them.  Give your cushions a fresh start.
  5. Check Outdoor Lights – Check your outdoor lights and make sure that they are all working properly and replace any bulbs if needed.
  6. Mulch – This is something that many people dread due to the cost and manual labor involved.  If possible, a fresh new coating of mulch will be sure to make your outdoor place look great.
  7. Decorate – One way to brighten and cozy up your patio/outdoor living space is to add outdoor accessories: lanterns, plants, pots, pillows, etc.
  8. Trim and Weed – Be sure to trim up any bushes that need a trimming and pull any weeds that need to be pulled.  This can make a huge difference in the overall appearance.

We hope that you are now excited and ready to get your patio ready for spring! Enjoy!




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